Greece: Muslim invaders chopped down 5,000 olive trees

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Bare Naked Islam
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8 April 2020
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National News
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The Muslim freeloader-wannabes, mainly from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran, who are squatting on the Greek island of Lesbos, hoping to get ‘asylum’ so they can invade the welfare havens of Western Europe, have chopped down and totally destroyed some 5,000 olive trees, a very important part of the Greek economy....

On  Lesbos, where tens of thousands of Muslim fake refugees have been living in overcrowded camps for as long as two years seem to have found a new way to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the living conditions and delays/rejections of their asylum requests....

In an attack on Greek heritage, 5,000 olive trees were cut from their roots by Muslim squatters from the infamous Moria migrant camp, to the north of Lesvos’ capital city of Mytilene.
Olive trees take approximately 65-80 years to reach stable yields, meaning that the destroyed trees are a major blow to the local economy. Olive exports amount to about US$700 million every year to the Greek economy....
The fruit is also an integral part of Greek history, culture, heritage and identity. Greece since the Bronze Age have been producing and exporting olives and olive oil, effectively meaning that olives have been a critical part of the Greek economy for at least 4,000 years....
Olive Trees in Greece aren’t the only agricultural products Muslims are destroying, Bare Naked Islam, April 19, 2020: Muslims are destroying cherry trees in Jewish communities in Israel, too.
The Jihad of Killing Crops, by Dr. Bill Warner, April 15, 2020: