Gun Control is a War on Heritage America

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It's about reducing you to second-class citizenship (or worse)
Article author: 
Theophilus Chilton
Article publisher: 
The Neo-Ciceronian Times
Article date: 
19 February 2023
Article category: 
Our American Future
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... The problem lies in that we have generations of conservatives who grew up in a post-Civil Rights Act America, one in which it has become increasingly radioactive to even talk about issues of race in any way other than completely in line with the Regime’s prevailing ideology. Any criticism is invariably met with that worst of slurs, that life-destroying six-letter hard “R” word - Racism. At the same time, they’ve been fed the fiction that America is a propositional nation which anyone can join if they take a test and get a piece of paper - indeed, that these folks are better Americans than those whose ancestors have been here for centuries because they CAME FOR FREEDOM (well, more probably, gibmedats and preferential treatment).

Of course, all of this is just a long game for ethnically replacing America’s and Europe’s heritage, founding stocks and replacing them with pliable “citizens of the world” who can be moved around like checkers on a board....

Meanwhile in America, heritage Americans find themselves constantly harangued as “racists” and dispossessed from their own institutions by progressive Lefties using blacks as legal proxies in intraelite competition. You may not want to talk about race, but race most definitely wants to talk about you....

Diversity, after all, creates social destabilisation... And understand that all of this is the result of factional machinations from the progressive Left. If the natives won’t vote for you, then import a brand new set of voters to eventually overwhelm them....

The Regime...  want you powerless, living in the pod and eating the bugs while they systematically give your heritage away to the highest bidders....

“Why do you need weapons of war with thirty round magazines to hunt deer anywise???”

We don’t. We need them to protect ourselves from people like you....