Half-Million Migrants Cross Border in Ten Weeks

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Our entire country is becoming a crime scene
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21 May 2022
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National News
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More than a half-million migrants illegally crossed the southwest border with Mexico during a 10-week period ending on May 15. The record-setting mass migration crisis is overwhelming Border Patrol and NGO resources as they deal with the chaotic level of border crossings.

Between April 1 and May 15 approximately 513,000 migrants illegally crossed the southwest border with Mexico. The number reflects apprehensions cited in the April Southwest Border Migration Report and unofficial numbers obtained from a law enforcement source within CBP.

The source stated that agents apprehended approximately 47,000 migrants just in the past seven days....


Judge Orders Biden to Keep Title 42 Barrier, Breitbart, 21 May 2022.

Congressman Johnson questions DHS Secretary Mayorkas. Note the conclusion by Johnson, that Majorkas' engineering of border chaos is intentional. The next question is why? Johnson doesn't venture an answer - but at least the issue of intent is raised:



Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban: West Engaged in ‘Suicide’ Experimenting with ‘Great Replacement’, Breitbart, 19 May 2022.

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