The Hidden Driver Of America’s Overcrowded Hospitals

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Paul Nachman
Article date: 
31 January 2023
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Our American Future
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... the crisis has been brewing for years, even decades. Simply put, America isn’t adding nearly enough hospital beds generally, and emergency room capacity specifically, to keep up with its growing population. And the ongoing border crisis is exacerbating the problem, since illegal immigrants [illegal aliens] disproportionately rely on emergency rooms for routine — and effectively free — care.

America’s population has soared in the past half century, rising from 205 million in 1970 to over 334 million today. And it’s continuing to surge — even though fertility rates have been sliding for years — because of migration from other countries. In 2021, the net population increase attributable to immigration outweighed the increase attributable to births for the first time ever.

These trends will accelerate in the coming decades. America’s population will hit 404 million by 2060, according to Census Bureau projections. By that year, immigration will account for more than two-thirds of the annual population increase, with births making up less than a third. If one also factors in the babies born to immigrant [and illegal alien] parents, immigration will account for 88% of all U.S. population growth over the next four decades, according to Pew Research.

Hospital capacity hasn’t remotely kept pace with America’s population boom. According to World Bank data, the number of U.S. hospital beds per 1,000 people has shrunk dramatically — from 7.9 in 1970 to just 2.9 in 2017.

So it’s no wonder that nearly 90% of emergency departments report overcrowding to be a problem, with over 40% reporting it as a daily occurrence.

The unprecedented 2.8 million border crossings in fiscal 2022 — over 1 million more than fiscal 2021’s record of 1.7 million — are putting even more pressure on already-beleaguered hospitals....

If politicians want to safeguard public health and relieve overwhelmed hospital workers, they’ll need to get the border under control.


Dr. Gene Rogers, video interview by Californians for Population Stabilization - the illegal alien hospital crisis. This is an very moving interview by Californians for Population Stabilization of Dr. Gene Rogers, former Medical Director, Indigent Services, County of Sacramento. Dr. Rogers exposed the staggering financial burden placed upon hospitals (and US Citizens) when forced to offer free care for illegal aliens. Dr. Rogers subsequently lost his job. 

Published by The Social Contract in 2007. It's just as timely today.