A concise comparison of Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump on eight key issues

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Hillary vs. The Donald: What the news media avoids telling the American people
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Conservative Base
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2 November 2016
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National News
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Here are the big election cycle political issues and Donald Trump's and Hillary Clinton's positions on what each wants to see and make happen, according to political analysts John Porter, James Kouri, John Snyder and others who've contributed their analysis to Conservative Base. The news media — according to its own email exchanges with the Democratic National Committee — are pulling out all the stops in their Trump attacks and avoiding true reporting about Trump's and Clinton's plans and ideologies:

1. OPEN OR CLOSED BORDERS: National Security

Hillary Clinton is for an entire Western Hemisphere of open borders, free travel with no restrictions as to identity or the numbers of people entering these countries, including the U.S. She wants a mirror image of the European Common Market. It is estimated up to 600 million people could freely migrate here.

Donald Trump is for completely closed borders with strict limitations and extreme vetting on who and how many people are allowed to enter the U.S. He is soundly opposed to the European Common Market concept.


Hillary Clinton is opposed to substantially increasing the size and strength of the U. S. Military forces. This in its self means a weaker military presence in the world. She, like Obama, doesn't believe we should be a dominant military power.

Donald Trump is in favor of substantially increasing both the size and strength of the U.S. Military forces. This would be restoring us to the strongest military presence in the world. He, like Ronald Reagan, believes we should be a dominant military power. The Military is in the worse possible position since WWI.


Hillary Clinton plans to substantially increase Federal Income Taxes on both individuals and all businesses, large and small, and increase the inheritance tax rate to 65% of what someone, upon their death, leaves to their children or family. Increase the number of brackets to eight.

Donald Trump plans to substantially lower taxes on all individuals and all businesses, large and small, and totally eliminate the inheritance tax all together on what someone, upon their death, leaves to their children or family. Decrease the number of brackets to three.

4. AMERICA'S ECONOMY: Trade with foreign countries

Hillary Clinton has stated she has no desire to open any of our trade agreements with foreign nations to renegotiation. She is satisfied with NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) in spite of an $800 Billion dollar trade deficit with our trading countries, and is in favor of the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership). She believes NAFTA has boosted the American economy, in spite of a terribly slow and sluggish economy with over 95 million American workers having left the work force because there are no jobs available to them. She wants to continue the same policies.

Donald Trump has stated he wants to open our current trade agreements and renegotiate the terms of those agreements and make them more fair for the U.S. He is very unsatisfied with NAFTA and will not sign on to the TPP without further negotiations. He believes NAFTA has destroyed American manufacturing jobs and greatly weakened our economy. He sites the huge trade deficit and so many leaving the work force as evidence of it. He wants to put plans into motion that will halt American Companies from leaving this country and bring those back which have left.


Hillary Clinton wants to appoint judges who will make rulings that will be more in line with modern day Liberal and Progressive ways of thinking, possibly infringing on the right to bear arms, the right to free speech, and religion (especially Catholics and Evangelicals) being targets of change.

Donald Trump wants to appoint judges who will follow the Constitution strictly. The right of citizens to own guns, speak freely in all matters, and freedom of worship will not be infringed. (This issue alone could effect our nation for generations to come.)


Hillary Clinton wants to leave Common Core in tact and is opposed to school choice. She wants local school boards to teach what they are directed to teach by Common Core Standards, and parents send their children to the schools they are directed to, eliminating school competition.

Donald Trump wants to eliminate Common Core and is in favor of school choice. He wants to return all school subject content selection to the states and local school boards, and parents can send their children to the school of their choice, creating school competition.


Hillary Clinton wants to keep, as is, what is referred to as Obamacare, expand upon it and finally morph it into a national government paid and managed medical system with no competition, much like Canada.

Donald Trump wants to completely repeal Obamacare and have it replaced with a free market medical system, eliminating the regulation restricting insurance companies to certain states, allowing them to sell nationwide, creating fierce competition.


Hillary Clinton does not believe we are at war with Radical Islamic Terrorists, will not recognize them by name. She recently said, “I am not worried about terrorism in America.

Donald Trump believes we are at war with Radical Islamic Terrorists, does recognize them by that name. He recently said, “We are at war with Radical Islamic Terrorism.” “They declared war on us and we need to declare war on them and fight to win.

... Your decision can't be delayed any longer, a choice has to be made.

[originally published November 19, 2016]


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20 reasons to vote for Donald Trump, by Timothy P. Farrell, American Thinker, October 23, 2016:

  1. Donald Trump is “impeachable”. Any serious misstep by Trump will be exposed by the MSM and invite impeachment and removal from office. Neither political party would hesitate in bringing impeachment proceedings on Trump or in forcing him to resign. As a Democrat and the first woman president, Hillary Clinton would not be impeached no matter what she does.
  2. Trump has stated that he will appoint judges who respect the Constitution and he has issued a list of potential Supreme Court justices that confirms this.
  3. He will enforce the Rule of Law. Under Obama, there have been many acts committed by government employees, bureaucrats and elected officials –including Hillary Clinton -- that are unethical or downright illegal. However, with notable exceptions, these people “skate” under the current system.
  4. Trump appreciates the work that the police do in ensuring the safety of all communities.
  5. Donald Trump knows that it is important to use the energy sources that we have in the USA and utilize techniques such as fracking and offshore drilling in order to secure these resources.
  6. Trump understands Capitalism, realizing that high taxes and regulations increase the cost of doing business and have contributed significantly to the loss of American jobs. Hillary Clinton will increase business federal taxes, payroll taxes and regulations.
  7. Trump understands finance. This means he knows that that continuing to increase the National Debt is a bad idea.
  8. He has said that treaties such as NAFTA were "badly negotiated" and that the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is a disaster.
  9. Trump recognizes that a nation without borders in not a sovereign nation. WikiLeaks has revealed that Hillary Clinton wants “completely open borders”.
  10. Donald Trump sees ISIS as a “Clear and Present Danger” to the United States, the West and the Middle East. In addition, he understands that "something is wrong with Islam".
  11. Trump has stated he will rebuild the military -- which is now reduced to cannibalizing planes, vehicles and ships for spare-parts.
  12. He has called the agreement with Iran a “bad deal”. He knows it does not stop Iran’s nuclear weapon development and gives them funds to increase their conventional military forces, purchase military hardware, develop more potent ballistic missiles and finance terrorism.
  13. Trump realizes that "nation building" -- especially in areas of the world not known for western-style Democracy -- is a waste of lives, time and resources.
  14. Trump has correctly stated that other nations, many of them with significant wealth, have used the American umbrella of military protection and have not paid "their fair share" for it.
  15. Donald Trump has functioned as an effective executive -- which is the job of the President of the United States.
  16. Trump has a history of honest business deals and integrity, as opposed to Hillary Clinton who has a history of dishonesty and shady deals.
  17. He knows all about taxes. Knowing all the loopholes used by the super-wealthy to avoid paying taxes, Trump will close the loopholes. Hillary Clinton will not do this – which is why the super-wealthy are supporting her and not “one of their own”.
  18. Trump realizes ObamaCare is a disaster. He will replace it with a free-market based system. Hillary Clinton will double-down with even more government control.
  19. Trump is unabashedly pro-American and has expressed his intention of putting America's interests -- and that of its citizens -- first. That would be reflected in any negotiation with foreign entities regarding any treaty or agreement.
  20. Trump is beholden to no one except the American People. The Democrat Party has moved far to the Left and must satisfy the desires of various constituency groups. As a result, in order to maintain the votes of these “blocks”, policies are pushed that may not be in the best interests of the American people.