How American Journalism Became a Mouthpiece of the Deep State

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The intelligence community uses the media to manipulate the American people and pressure elected politicians.
Article author: 
Peter Van Buren
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American Conservative
Article date: 
27 May 2021
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National News
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... It is 2021 and the CIA is running an op against the American people.

Leon Panetta, once director of CIA, explained bluntly that the agency influenced foreign media outlets ahead of elections in order to “change attitudes within the country.” The method was to “acquire media within a country or within a region that could very well be used for being able to deliver a specific message or work to influence those that may own elements of the media to be able to cooperate, work with you in delivering that message.” The CIA has been running such ops to influence foreign elections continuously since the end of WWII...

A more effective strategy is to become a source for legitimate media such that your (dis)information inherits their credibility. Most effective is when one CIA plant is the initial source while a second CIA plant acts seemingly independently as a confirming source...

Through Operation Mockingbird the CIA ran over 400 American journalists as direct assets....

After decades of success abroad with info ops, the CIA and others turned those weapons on us. We are seeing the Deep State meddle in presidential politics, simultaneously destroying (albeit mostly with their cooperation) the adversarial media while crushing faith in both our leaders and in the process of electing them. Democracy has no meaning here.


Media Bias, Censorship, and Corporate Political Correctness Run Amuck