How to Divide White People

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Jim Goad
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9 December 2023
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Our American Future
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... over the past century, the smoldering embers of non-white [sic: non-White] resentment have been successfully stoked by convincing the world’s non-whites that, despite all their differences, they are united as one makeshift race merely by dint of not being white; they are one happy, global family known as “People of Color,” which leaves whites isolated by implication as people without color.

We’ve been told . . . no, we’ve been lectured . . . actually, we’ve been threatened . . . that there’s really no such thing as "white people," that it was all a cruel, anti-scientific fantasy concocted to help white people - even though they don’t exist - abuse, rape, roll over, and dominate the rest of the world. So whites must never be permitted to think of themselves as a group again...

In what has to rank as one of history’s most successful propaganda campaigns, the whole non-white world has been turned against whites... are some great fault lines to exploit:

Young v. Old

... Imbue the young ones with simmering hostility toward their elders. Encourage them to blame their progenitors for their own aimless misery...

Male v. Female

... Use the sexes' innate differences as a wedge and drive it like a freight train between them...

Rich v. Poor

... Persuade the poor that the rich only acquired their wealth through luck, malevolence, or dishonesty...

Believers v. Nonbelievers

Convince a significant faction of whites that Christianity is more important than race...

Left v. Right

... Have them barking at one another over tradition v. modernity, monarchy v. anarchy, piety v. libertinism, capitalism v. socialism - keep them focused on anything other than "us v. them." ...


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