How Does Illegal Immigration Help Democrats?

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By Building Future Majorities
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Kelly O'Connell
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Canada Free Press
Article date: 
14 December 2021
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Our American Future
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In another essay on Biden’s designed failures, we ask, How Does Illegal Immigration Help Democrats? The big secret is that Democrats believe they cannot win unless they have outside help in the form of instant new, illegal Democrats. The following is a summary by 5 points....

1. Illegals are Overwhelmingly Democrats
Despite claims stating otherwise, studies show that the vast majority of identifying Illegals claim Democrat status....
2. Dems Believe Swing States Will Be Moved Leftward by Illegals...
3. Democrats Want non-Citizens to Vote
For Democrats to win a permanent majority after years of failure, their only choice is to import an electorate from foreign lands. Much pressure is being put on congressional Democrats to allow non citizens to vote, as one headline reads: New York City will allow 800,000 noncitizens to vote in local elections....
4. llegals Bring Dysfunction for Dem Hopes of an Increasingly Chaotic Society
See The Number of Convicted Criminal Aliens Apprehended at the Border Soars in FY 2021. The Border Report states, “U.S. officials come across nearly 2 million unauthorized migrants in FY 2021.”...
5. Pretending Illegals are Upstanding Kills Rule of Law, Builds World Citizenship...
The bottom line is that Marx believed, more than anything, that revolution is needed for the woke to overthrow the bourgeois capitalists. If we remember this, then every other move makes sense.