How Marxists Captured the Universities and Will Soon Capture the Nation

Article author: 
Doug Casey
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International Man / Lou Rockwell
Article date: 
26 December 2021
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Our American Future
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... Communist and socialist ideas are growing in popularity among the millennial and Gen Z generations. In fact, the majority of young people dislike capitalism and favor a more socialist or even a communist economic system....

Doug Casey: The youth are being corrupted, and it’s more serious than ever....

But as kids get older, they generally get wiser, more knowledgeable, harder-working, and more prudent—nothing new here. The world has survived roughly 250 new generations since civilization began in Sumer 5,000 years ago....

Universities have been totally transformed in many ways over the past century, and it’s been for the worst in every instance. When the average 18-year-old goes to college, he knows very little about how the world works in general.... They know basically nothing about economics, government, or history. Worse, what they think they know is mostly wrong.

That makes them easy prey for professors with totally bent views to indoctrinate them.

It’s not so much that they’re taught inaccurate facts. There are plenty of “factoids” (artificial facts), of course—like the War Between the States (which shouldn’t be called the Civil War) was mainly fought to free the slaves. Or that Keynesian economics is correct. Or that the US is a democracy...

It’s the way the schools interpret actual facts and the kind of meaning they infuse into events...

The real problem, however, is that today’s education does not teach critical thinking. Rather just the opposite is true. Students are taught blind acceptance of what’s currently considered politically correct....

Intellectuals typically despise business, commerce, and production, and they envy the money the capitalists have.... But it’s become a much bigger problem than in the past, partly because a much, much higher percentage of kids go to college now than ever before....

Identity politics is essentially the idea that a person is first and foremost a member of some race or ethnicity and only secondarily an individual. In recent years, most people have been indoctrinated indirectly and directly, subtly and overtly, to believe white people and the civilization they created are bad. The meme is everywhere. They’ve come to believe Western Civilization is a bad thing and that white people are destroying the world....

... from International Man.

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