The Hungarian resistance

Article author: 
Clifford D. May
Article publisher: 
Washington Times
Article date: 
3 April 2019
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National News
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Most people want to survive. What could be more natural than that? Most peoples want to survive, too. That’s no less natural.
For a thousand years, the lands inhabited by the Hungarian people have been invaded, their settlements sacked, men, women and children enslaved and slaughtered....
Hungarians today, a clear majority, believe their national existence — their unique identity, language, culture and traditions — is threatened again. This time, however, it is not by nomads on horseback or soldiers in tanks. It is by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the European Union.
In 2015, Mrs. Merkel decided, on her own initiative, to establish an open-door policy for “migrants” from the broader Middle East and Africa. Since then, she and other EU leaders have been pressuring Hungary to accept its “fair share.”...
Here in Budapest just over a week ago, a conference was convened by the Mathias Corvinus Collegium, Hungary’s largest multidisciplinary college. Its title: “Migration: The Biggest Challenge of Our Time?”
A featured speaker was former Czech President Vaclav Klaus.... He accused “European elites” of seeking to replace the continent’s existing nation-states with a single “European nation”... To accomplish that, he said, “They have to dissolve the old existing nations by mixing them with migrants from all over the world.”...
Mr. Orban took the podium next. He observed that the population of Africa is predicted to rise by a half billion over the next 13 years, and that the gap between the quality of life in Africa and Europe will widen...
The mainstream media mostly ignored the conference...
Hungarians, Mr. Orban said, “don’t want to change, we’d like to stay as we are. We have our faults, of course, which we’re happy to go about correcting, but in essence we don’t want to change.”...