Illegal aliens from Islamic terror-plagued nations easily crossing U.S. Border

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Bare Naked Islam
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3 December 2021
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National News
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The nation’s main border policing agency put out a November 30 press release pointing out that in just one randomly selected time frame in just one of the Texas border’s overwhelmed sectors (Del Rio), during the third week of November, Border Patrol agents caught migrants from regions of the world bristling with Islamic terrorist organizations....

The new CBP press release in this taboo subject area conspicuously self-censors the national security meaning behind the surging international origins of illegal border-crossers these days. For instance, it makes no mention of how migrants from places like Uzbekistan, Syria, and Tajikistan can even reach the southern border.

As  America’s Covert Border War details at length, they generally do it by flying to South America and then getting themselves smuggled through an 80-mile bottleneck stretch of jungle between Colombia and Panama known as the Darien Gap....

Another worthy debate should center on whether the United States should finally insist that illegal border crossing strangers of totally unknown backgrounds from places like Syria and Tajikistan should seek their asylum in any of the dozen or so other countries through which they pass — on both sides of the Darien Gap — long before they get to Del Rio, Texas....