Immigration Patriotism, Not Conspiracy Theories, Triggered Tech Totalitarians’ Purge Of INFOWARS’ Alex Jones

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Paul Kersey
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14 August 2018
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National News
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Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud, daughter of Indian immigrants, is the latest corporate Cultural Marxist to deny InfoWars’ Alex Jones the traditional Anglo-Saxon freedom of speech [Alex Jones flees to Vimeo, is immediately banned there as well, by Zack Ford, Think Progress, August 13, 2018). But it’s vital to note that this latest example of tech totalitarianism has nothing to do with Jones’ conspiracy theories—and everything to do with Jones’ belated emphasis to immigration patriotism. Bottom line: our Ruling Class is simply desperate to repress awareness of their Election of A New People until it’s too late....

Jones explored the official account of the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting and in February of this year called Parkland School student turned gun control crusader David Hogg a “crisis actor.” Supposedly this is not what got him de-platformed from Facebook, Apple, Disqus, Spotify, and YouTube, but rather violations of "hate speech" codes. ...

The CNN-led intifada against Jones—as of this writing, CNN is still using its megaphone to demand Twitter ban Alex Jones from speaking to his 886,000+ followers—and his powerful website ( tells us the site gets 3.6 million monthly unique visitors and 25.6 million monthly pageviews, ranking 683 in nation and 3,475 globally for traffic) would have been unthinkable a few years ago, when Jones was interviewing celebrities such as Charlie Sheen about how 9/11 was an inside job—why did Building 7 collapse again?....

Alex Jones’  banning is clearly the precursor to the push to ban more and more Politically Incorrect patriot sites from social media…such as  CNN let slip the goal when Pakistani journalist Rafia Zakaria [Tweet her] said: “The stripping of InfoWars from Facebook, Apple and other platforms is an important step in the recognition of nativist, nationalist and white supremacist hate speech as a form of terrorism.” [We need to talk about Alex Jones, CNN, August 10, 2018....

What scares them the most—and is the reason behind the CNN crusade against Jones—is this: Alex Jones was once a useful idiot for the elite, utilizing his radio show and website to discuss conspiracies that, in the end, don’t matter and worse, leave his listeners powerless to change their fate. But the election of Donald Trump showed us that when Alex Jones switched gears and focused on the National Question, his army of listeners were powerful enough to change history.

This is why they targeted Alex Jones: because he was motivating millions to get involved and challenge the open conspiracy of the Ruling Class and corporate journalists to—paraphrasing Barack Obama—fundamentally transform America.