India Takes a Stand: Banning Sharia While Europe Surrenders to Islamic Law

Article author: 
Uzay Bulut, Gatestone Institute
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RAIR Foundation
Article date: 
5 March 2024
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National News
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"Incorporating Sharia Law into European Legal Systems" vs A State in India Bans Sharia

  • Lawmakers in an Indian state… have approved landmark legislation to… [ban] discrimination against women based on Islamic sharia law… personal laws that would be common for all citizens, regardless of religion.
  • Replacing sharia law with a universal civil code across all of India would vastly ensure more rights for women and children and secure gender equality, and would be most welcome in other nations on the grounds of humanitarian fairness.
  • "By 2030, there will be 60 million Muslims living in Europe. We are witnessing the process of the Islamisation of Europe, including Belgium, France, Germany and Sweden…. Mosques financed by Islamic countries are the backdrop for Muslims' lives in Europe… Koranic schools are financed mainly by the rich Gulf states." — Elżbieta Kruk, Member of the European Parliament, July 7, 2020.
  • Three choices are offered to non-Muslims: conversion to Islam, sword or dhimmitude, an inferior status in which non-Muslims are allowed to survive as long as they pay tribute…. Western nations must choose a fourth path: freedom. And this new choice would require more courage, resolve and strength as opposed to appeasement and surrender.

Lawmakers in an Indian state ruled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have approved landmark legislation to unify personal laws across religions, a move that bans discrimination against women based on Islamic sharia law...

India, a secular democracy with a majority Hindu population, also hosts a population of more than 200 million Muslims. It is the world’s third-largest "Muslim country."...

Under sharia, if women do not do what the men in their family tell them – regarding, for instance, “dressing too Western,” undergoing genital mutilation, where, how and with whom they can spend their leisure time, or being in the unsupervised company of an unrelated man — the consequences can be severe, from being beaten to being killed. Some women, notes the author Ayaan Hirsi Ali, “not only comply with those rules but … also enforce them.”...