Indiana University: $55K, Sent Profs To Promote Critical Race Theory at Taxpayer Expense

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Socialism's long march through our institutions
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Gabe Kaminsky
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The Federalist
Article date: 
3 October 2021
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Our American Future
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Indiana University, one of the largest and most well-funded public universities in the United States, funneled $55,000 to a left-wing education conference in exchange for exclusive marketing services and exposure, according to a public records request reviewed by The Federalist.

The July conference for educators and administrators was hosted by the nonprofit Indiana Black Expo and had the title “Education Equity: The Role of Schools and Universities in Leveling the Playing Field.” Indiana’s Republican-run government also financially supported the event through grants. It featured two prominent critical race theory (CRT) activists, Dena Simmons and Bettina L. Love, as reported by The Federalist this summer.

Simmons notably told attendees that people should not “let whiteness seep into us,” after making headlines months prior for telling teachers in Illinois they are inherently racist while being paid $175 per minute with public dollars.....

Indiana State University, a different government-run institution, spent more than $27,000 to support the CRT conference for educators across the state in exchange for services, according to a prior Freedom of Information Act request. The new documents obtained through the Indiana Access to Public Records Act show IU, Indiana’s flagship state university, exchanged $55,000 for eight different services as the “title sponsor.”...

U.S. Rep. Jim Banks, an Indiana Republican who is head of the House Republican Study Committee, told The Federalist Republicans in the state ought to take charge now on opposing CRT....

“IU should not receive one public dollar while they are the ‘Berkeley of the Midwest,” William Ellis, chairman of the Monroe County Republican Party...


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