International Rescue Committee says US businesses need more low wage workers

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Why must US taxpayers subsidize big business?
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Ann Corcoran
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Refugee Resettlement Watch
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25 June 2018
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National News
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I’ve never thought this was a good argument to be pushed by the supposed ‘humanitarians’ receiving millions from the US taxpayer to place refugees in hundreds of US towns and cities, but they are doing it in the age of Trump.
Unwelcome report
Report was released on World Refugee Propaganda Day.
Hurting most from the slowdown in the arrival of fresh grunt laborers (aka refugees), according to a new report from the International Rescue Committee headed by former British Labor Party official, David Miliband, are employers in key U.S. industries—including manufacturing, hospitality and meatpacking!
Why must US taxpayers subsidize big business?
If those industries can’t fill their labor needs, maybe they need to raise wages!
And, besides why is it the taxpayers’ duty to subsidize globalists like the BIG MEAT giants by supplying them with third world laborers while paying fake humanitarian groups, like the IRC, gobs of money to sign them up for welfare to supplement those meager wages before moving on to the next fresh batch of paying clients.
Here is one of several news stories the IRC Report has generated.  It is from the San Diego Union-Tribune, but rerun in my local newspaper (the paper whose lack of interest in the refugee issue in 2007 caused me to begin writing this blog).
SAN DIEGO — With the flow of refugees into the U.S. at a trickle, many who work with new arrivals worry that the low numbers will have a lasting impact on economies, schools and families in places like San Diego, where many used to resettle....
Employers in industries like hospitality, manufacturing and meatpacking are facing labor shortages without new arrivals eager for work experience that doesn’t require English-language fluency, the IRC report says....