Issa: Edison's use of visa program 'deeply disturbing'

Article author: 
Katherine P. Harvey
Article publisher: 
U-T San Diego
Article date: 
8 February 2015
Article category: 
National News
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Congressman Darrell Issa called Southern California Edison’s apparent use of the federal H-1B visa program to replace part of its workforce “deeply disturbing” in a statement issued Friday. The utility, which provides electricity to much of Southern California but not to San Diego County, is laying off about 400 information technology workers and replacing them with foreign workers ...

Russ Harrison, director of government relations for IEEE-USA, the largest professional organization for electrical engineers in the United States, said he’s pleased Issa recognizes that Edison might have misused the visa program, but it isn’t the only company to have done so ...

It appears in Edison’s case, he said, “You can’t even pretend there weren’t Americans to do the job, because Americans were doing the job until they got laid off” ...


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