It's not a coup. It's a civil war.

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Phil D'Agostino
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American Thinker
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15 December 2019
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Our American Future
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Lately, it's been convenient — and self-serving to some — to call what is going on with the Trump administration a coup. It's a "soft coup" or a "silent coup" or a wish-it-were-a-coup....

Let's take a look at what that means. According to all definitions I can find, a coup is a sudden, often violent overthrow of a government... But there is nothing sudden about this....

At least since the 1960s, a faction of people have been looking for a chance to make our government conform to what they think it should be. This faction has identified itself in many ways, and its members always embrace Marxist ideals with a top-down government run by a few. A "law-based" government, on the other hand, would have a constitution to protect the rights of the minority from the "tyranny" of the majority." That is what the United States of America is: a law-based government founded on the belief that those working in government are employees of the people, and not that the people are subservient to them. And all decisions are to be based on our agreement to form such a government — that is, as spelled out in our Constitution.

When a group, no matter how large or small, decides it wants to step beyond the constitutional means for changing the government and change it to fit their own ideals of government, and superimpose those ideals on everybody else, we have a true conflict. If that conflict cannot be resolved to their satisfaction through the instrumentalities of the provisions to do so, and so they decide to overthrow it and replace it with their own views or ideas, we have a war. We have those circumstances playing out before our eyes (and ears).

We can define a civil war as a conflict or competition between political factions or regions within the same country to take over the reins of governance without due process. A careful look at what some call the "Deep State" would tell us we have that here in the USA. Further, we have had that state of conflict for many years....

It isn't a coup. Not soft. Not silent. And if we don't see it as a war, we lose. Why? Because we then think it's about Mr. Trump or his administration. It isn't....

Tyrants, dictators, and their minions are very clever when it comes to using the rules you agree to play with against those playing by the rules. This is war. When Trump leaves office, the war shall continue.

This is about who will run our government....


The Democrats are engaged in a coup. What do we do about it?, by Joe Herring, American Thinker, December 15, 2019:

Attempting to subvert the will of the people (as expressed through our electoral process) by creating impeachable offenses out of whole cloth is not merely a breach of decorum, a "mistake," or "wrong-headed." It's sedition.

The behavior of the Democrat party over the last decade has been that of an overt criminal enterprise, using the power of government to shield themselves from prosecution while engaging in eye-popping levels of corruption....

This is not the behavior of a political party. These are not the activities of a "loyal opposition," but rather the acts of an organized revolutionary element attempting to overthrow our government....

It's past time to declare advocating ideologies that require the overthrow of our form of government as a crime punishable under 18 U.S. Code §2385.

It's time to inoculate our body politic against the lure of absolute power by administering the vaccine of accountability under the law....


Unconstitutional Impeachment: The Real Abuse of Power, by Peggy Ryan American Thinker, December 15, 2019:

The horrifying truth is, we the people no longer matter. This globalist cabal has plans in place to take control of America, and it's not going to let a bunch of Constitution-toting idealists get in the way. We had no say with Obamacare, and we have no say in impeachment....

To impeach our president for no reason is treason. To undo our elections, to silence our voice, is tyranny. This impeachment threatens the very foundation of our democracy, rejects separation of powers and checks and balances, uses the Legislative Branch to attack the Executive....


Rush Limbaugh on just what the "deep state" entails: My Theory on What Barr and Durham Are Doing, Rush Limbaugh podcast excerpts, December 10, 2019:

RUSH: What's really going on here? I understand that your desire mirrors that of practically everybody in this audience. You want to see somebody go over to James Comey's mansion and knock down that front door and run in there and turn over every bit of furniture looking for evidence and frog march his ass out of there to jail just like they did with Flynn and just like they did with Roger Stone and just like they do with Manafort.

And until that happens, none of this is fair and none of this is just. I know that's what you want. And then you want to see the same thing happen to that creep Brennan. The next thing you want to see is Clapper caught wearing a wig at JFK trying to get to the Maldives where there's no extradition treaty. Yes, I know you want to see all of this. And I would love to see it, too, but it ain't going to happen because none of that that happened was just. All of that was manufactured.

These guys [obviously referring to Flynn, Stone, and Manafort] did not deserve any of that happening to 'em, and reciprocity I fear is not on the table. I think the reason that they're taking their time with this is because what they have undertaken to do is so big and so monumental and is so risky that if they don't get this done all buttoned up down tight, every dot and every T dotted and crossed, if they don't do that, these guys are dead.

Who are they taking on? They are taking on a largely invisible establishment deep state what-have-you. It has never been done before. They see what has happened to Trump with his efforts. These guys are serious. Barr and Durham are trying to dismantle a way of life for people. They are trying to dismantle decades of establishment consistency, patterns, lifestyles that are set in gold, futures that are guaranteed for themselves and their kids.

You can't do this with PR. You can't do it one indictment at a time. If you're gonna do this like they're doing it, when it's time to present it, it better be absolutely indisputable. Because if there's anything in it that's not battened down, if there's anything in it that isn't true, these guys are dead.

It's one thing to say we're gonna drain the swamp. It's one thing to say we're gonna get rid of the deep state. It's one thing to say that we are going to take our country back. It's another thing to actually do it. The people who are the targets of this are not just the Comeys and the McCabes.

Those people are the foot soldiers of the movement. They are not the brains. They are not the money. They are not the organizers. They're not the power brokers. They are not the people that assign the jobs in the deep state. These are not the people that determine who gets membership in the deep state and who doesn't.

But if you go after those guys, you're gonna find their bosses and you're gonna have to take them out as well, and this is a deeply serious, big time undertaking that is unprecedented. For all this talk about Trump wanting to be a monarch and a king, this actually is the equivalent of taking down the invisible apparatus that actually has been running this country for take your pick of how many decades, but at least since post-World War II.

And it has people in it everywhere. It has people in all the major universities. It has people internationally entrenched, in the European Union, George Soros, all of these Western European diplomats and so forth, the State Department, they're gonna be taking on a tremendous number of people here.

It's not just Schiff and Nadler and Pelosi trying to impeach Trump and get rid of him. It's people whose names we don't even know. It's people who live in places we don't know. And if you're gonna take those people on, when it's time to actually make your move, you better have everything you need because these people are gonna be launching back at you with efforts to destroy you and everything you're trying to do to them. Because this is taking on, this is actually attacking and trying to bust up a way of life that has been entrenched.

I mean. this is the ruling class. Let's look at it in terms of Angelo Codevilla.1 This is the ruling class. And Mr. Codevilla thinks they've already won, that we can never, ever go back to the founding principles of this country as a majority belief by the American people. He believes common citizenship is no longer possible. That's how deeply they have infected the fabric of our culture. He believes that their objective is to eliminate us.

What do you think this all is, overturning the results of an election? What is that, really? It's negating and nullifying us. Yeah, we're deplorables or whatever, but what we are is noncitizens, what we are is nonfactors to them. This effort to get rid of Donald Trump is an effort in truth to rid themselves of us as a competing political force.

And we got two guys that have decided to take this on, Bill Barr — well, tree — Trump, Bill Barr, and John Durham. And I don't think they want to telegraph how far along they are to these people. I don't think they want to give 'em any heads up at all, what they have found. And it could well be that at the end of all this we're not gonna get anything. I don't have any idea.

I don't think that's true based on Durham's statement yesterday, reaction to the IG report. Durham wouldn't have said what he said yesterday if they already didn't have evidence and witnesses to contradict what Horowitz said.

I think it is such a profoundly major thing that's being attempted here. Look at it as trying to defeat the Soviet Union without firing a shot. It's a much bigger undertaking than people think. It's not just draining the swamp. It's not just getting rid of the people you know and having the people you know in this thing be punished. That would be great. And I share the emotion that you expressed with that.

But these are just the foot soldiers. These are just the little order takers. These are just the people appointed to these positions to do the advance dirty work for the people we don't know, to protect the people we don't know. And I'm not even talking about Obama. I'm talking about people way above and beyond Obama or any president.

The Attorney General William Barr is speaking at a Wall Street Journal CEO conference right now. I got some audio sound bites here. One of the things that he also said, he gave an exclusive interview to NBC News.2 He thinks the FBI may have acted in bad faith in the Trump investigation.

He said: "I think our nation was turned on its head for three years based on a completely bogus narrative." This was in an interview he did with Pete Williams of NBC. In the interview, Barr essentially dismissed the findings of the inspector general that there was no evidence of bias, and he said that his handpicked prosecutor, John Durham, will have the last word on the matter.

"I think our nation was turned on its head for three years based on a completely bogus narrative that was largely fanned and hyped by an irresponsible press." This guy knows exactly what happened, and he is showing guts and courage I can't — folks, I cannot tell you. It's baased on my answer to our caller in the last 15 minutes how serious and big an attempt at upsetting the power structure of Washington, D.C., and New York and Brussels and London and all of these European capitals where much of the deep state is also headquartered, where the globalist movement is, to eventually disintegrate the U.S. Constitution, Bill Barr is taking it on with Durham courageously and bravely.

It is true patriotism, and it's true guts and courage 'cause it is a bigger undertaking than you can possibly imagine. It's not just indicting James Comey or Clapper or Brennan and putting them on trial. It's much bigger because they are just foot soldiers in all of this. So for Barr to be saying this on the day of and the day after this report comes out, he's basically saying that Horowitz doesn't get it, everything in this thing in terms of motivation is dead wrong. He says, "I think our nation was turned on its head for three years based on a completely bogus narrative that was largely fanned and hyped by an irresponsible press."

They were not irresponsible, they were complicit. Now, that may mean irresponsible. They were complicit. The media is part of the administrative state, deep state, whatever you want to call it. The media is also among the targets here.

"The blistering criticism of the FBI's conduct in the Russia investigation … is bound to stoke further controversy about whethher the attorney general is acting in good faith, or as a political hatchet man for Trump." He's acting in good faith but he's not a hatchet man at all. The man is a patriot, and he is representing all of us. He's out there showing guts and courage and trying to inspire others to get on board and follow him.


1. This is a reference to a stunning, lengthy article that political scientist and Claremont Institute Fellow Angelo Codevilla wrote in 2010, "America's Ruling Class: And the Perils of Revolution". Codevilla has continued to write on this theme.

2. Full Interview: Barr Criticizes Inspector General Report On The Russia Investigation, NBC News, December 10, 2019. 24 minutes and quite worth watching...


Video: Victor Davis Hanson: Spygate, Impeachment & the Assault on Trump For Undoing the Progressive Agenda, Whatfinger Video, December 12, 2019.


Buckle Up, America, by Eric Georgatos, American Tinker, December 14, 2019:

... But the elephant in the room stands: the events of this week demonstrate that every single element of the American ruling class — eight-plus years' worth of Deep State Obama leftists; the Uniparty Senators — like Richard Burr; Mark Warner; and yes, Lindsey Graham; the MSM; rigged-trade, anti-Trump globalists — every one of them is at risk of collapse in power and prestige, not to mention financial setbacks....

In the absence of shame and apology, the stark reality becomes clear: the American people are in a war against a ruling class willing to deny the existence of truth and to defy the moral consequences of propping up untruth. America's history and heartland values suggest that such a ruling class is not going to remain the ruling class much longer....

And we have a 2020 election taking shape against evidence in America of election fraud on a national scale.

American patriots had better buckle up with humility, vigilance, poise, and determination — at Founding Father levels — if this country is to be preserved through what lies ahead. ...