Joe Biden is NOT My President - perspective on the Deep State and the 2020 election

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Reflecting on the Deep State and 2020 election fraud
Article author: 
Boyd D. Cathey
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Lew Rockwell
Article date: 
15 December 2020
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Our American Future
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The following article offers some perspective on the Deep State and the 2020 election. Excerpts are included below.

... The Trump election in 2016 was not supposed to have happened. Everything had been prepared back then, down to the smallest detail of Hilary Clinton’s mammoth election night celebration…which was to have been the celebration of the final and definitive victory of the Deep State, the permanent bureaucracy that has assumed near absolute power over our lives and destinies....& ;

Somehow that upstart billionaire from New York, Donald Trump, rough in manners and uncouth in speech, and not willing to take all the orders from “his betters,” was chosen by the electorate....

And that just was not permissible, not something that the managerial elites would accept. Even “the Donald” did not fully realize what they would do or attempt.... No; all he managed was to crack the door open, as it were, to let in a little fresh air, just a little light....What had been largely mystifying to millions of “deplorables” up to then... all of a sudden came into focus....

For the elites in the managerial class, for the Deep State apparatchiks, the 2016 election was a major fluke, an unforced error that they had let slip by…somehow they had not prepared well enough, somehow they had overestimated their power. And ever since they have desperately attempted to undo 2016, using the fraudulent Russia Hoax, the Ukrainian Caper, various impeachment farces. The coming of COVID presented them with a supreme opportunity....

Most importantly, and as we see now quite vividly, the elites, the Democrats (and many Republicans) beholden to and agents of the Deep State knew that even if their skullduggery were finally revealed and discovered, that the malfeasance and rigging of an election would most certainly succeed this time. No one actually was an enthusiast for that no-account non-entity, half-senile, inspiring-no-one Joe Biden: he would simply provide their stalking horse, their Trojan Horse back into full power....

... we are told - like the verdict of the Texas case where SCOTUS refused to even hear the appeal (with only Justices Alito and Thomas favoring a hearing) - “the robbery, the theft, has already taken place; to try to right the wrong now would upset things too much. So, just be quiet and let it be.”...

Let us recall as we begin our arduous pilgrimage of restoration, even as King Alfred the Great in the remote marshes of Somersetshire (878 A.D.) began his re-conquest of Wessex and of England, another statement of Maurras: “For monarchy to work, one man must be wise. For democracy to work, a majority of the people must be wise. Which is more likely?”...

The Duke of Wellington supposedly said at the Battle of Waterloo: “May God help us—for no one else will.”

We are there now.


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