Judiciary and election fraud

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16 March 2021
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National News
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The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil Constitution, are worth defending at all hazards; and it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors: they purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood, and transmitted them to us with care and diligence. It will bring an everlasting mark of infamy on the present generation, enlightened as it is, if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of false and designing men.
– Samuel Adams

Here are selected news articles on judicial rulings, courts, election fraud, and vote by mail ballots: Also see Election Fraud and the Stolen 2020 Election.


MI Court: Michigan Secretary of State’s Absentee Ballot Order Broke Law, Vindicating Trump Claim, Breitbart, March 16, 2021.

Mich. judge reinstates voting fraud case following forensic probe of Dominion voting machines, Geller Report, March 7, 2021.

Supreme Court Dismisses President Trump and Attorney Lin Wood’s Final Election Challenge Without Comment, Gateway Pundit, March 8, 2021.

Supreme Court Hears Arizona Cases on Absentee Votes and Ballot Harvesting, Breitbart, March 3, 2021.

Supreme Court Rejects Sidney Powell’s Lawsuits Challenging Election Results in Wisconsin, Arizona, Epoch Times, March 1, 2021.

Judge Rules Arizona’s Maricopa County Must Turn Over 2.1 Million November Election Ballots to Senate, Epoch Times, February 26, 2021.

Supreme Court Refuses to Review Pennsylvania Election Cases – Alito, Gorsuch and Thomas Dissent, Gateway Pundit, February 22, 2021.

Clarence Thomas Dissent in Election Cases: ‘Our Fellow Citizens Deserve Better’, Breitbart, February 22, 2021.

Group “Our Vote Matters” Is Suing Facebook, Dominion, Mark Zuckerberg, Certain State Officials, Others for Infringing Upon Right to Vote, Assemble and Speak Freely, Gateway Pundit, February 15, 2021.

SCOTUS needs to hear two petitions regarding the 2020 elections, Canada Free Press, February 15, 2021.

Supreme Court to consider election lawsuits in February: It would be encouraging if not for the corrupt and compromised Roberts, Geller Report, February 5, 2021.

Five Days After Biden Inauguration, Judge Rules Late Changes To VA Election Law That Allowed Late Mail-in-Ballots Without Postmark To Be Counted Is ILLEGAL, Gateway Pundit, January 29, 2021.

Election Lawsuits Move Forward Despite Silencing Crusade, American Greatness, January 20, 2021. "But what if the [Supreme Court] justices do take up these lawsuits? What if the court rules that unelected authorities in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin in fact broke election laws, delegitimizing Biden’s 30 electoral votes from both states? Biden would still have enough electoral votes to have won the presidency—276 rather than 306—but such a verdict would lend even more credence to the view that laws were violated in other swing states, too...  That, not a vandalizing mob of miscreants in the Capitol on January 6, would present the real constitutional crisis."

MI Judge Orders Democrat Sec of State To Release All Communications With Dominion, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google, 100 Percent Fed Up, January 13, 2021.

Rep. Gohmert Files Response to DOJ/Pence, Argues VP Can Count GOP Electors in Contested States, Ignore Electors From Others, Gateway Pundit, January 1, 2021.

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Pence Over Electoral College Vote Count, Epoch Times, January 1, 2021.

Stacey Abrams and Fair Fight Sue True the Vote After Voter Rights Group Finds 364,541 Ineligible Voters in Georgia, Gateway Pundit, December 31, 2020.

Pence Sued by GOP Legislators to Overturn Biden’s Purported Victory, December 28, 2020.

New Legal Memo Brings Hope to Trump Supporters This Christmas, Geller Report, December 27, 2020. Original article: Bombshell New Legal Memo Giving Trump Supporters Hope on Christmas Eve, The Western Journal, December 24, 2020.

Amistad Project Files Federal Lawsuit Demanding State Legislatures in Contested States Be Allowed to Certify Electors Prior to Congressional Count, Gateway Pundit, December 24, 2020.

Wisconsin GOP Lawmakers Join Federal Lawsuit to Overturn Fraudulent Elections in Swing States WI, PA, GA, MI, and AZ, Gateway Pundit, December 24, 2020.

Trump Campaign Takes Fight Over Pennsylvania Election and Mail-In Ballot Laws to US Supreme Court, Gateway Pundit, December 20, 2020.

Sidney Powell Reports Supreme Court Rejected Arizona and Wisconsin Cases, Gives Georgia and Michigan Until Jan 14th to Respond, Last Refuge, December 17, 2020.

Pennsylvania Republicans Ask Supreme Court to Again Review Election Lawsuit, Geller Report, December 17, 2020.

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Kansas Voter ID—Proof of Citizenship Not Necessary to Register to Vote VDare, December 15, 2020.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Says Election Officials Were Wrong; Ballots May Not Be Counted, Geller Report, December 14, 2020.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Rejects Trump Lawsuit to Overturn Election Results, Breitbart, December 14, 2020.

After Examining Antrim County Voting Machines, ASOG Concludes Dominion ‘Intentionally Designed’ to ‘Create Systemic Fraud’, American Greatness, December 14, 2020.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Takes Up Trump Case Today After Circuit Court Judge Dismissed It, Gateway Pundit, December 12, 2020.

Trump Legal Team Files Emergency Petition With the Supreme Court of Georgia, Gateway Pundit, December 11, 2020.

Supreme Court Dismisses Texas 2020 Election Challenge; Alito and Thomas Disagree, Breitbart, December 11, 2020. Listen to Kris Kobach interview, Breitbart, December 15, 2020.

Arizona GOP Takes Election Case to Supreme Court: ‘We Found Evidence’, Breitbart, December 11, 2020.

Federal Judge Tosses Arizona Election Challenge, Breitbart, December 10, 2020.

A Summary of the Texas Election Lawsuit, American Thinker, December 10, 2020.

President Trump Asks Sen. Ted Cruz To Argue Texas Election Fraud Lawsuit At Supreme Court, Geller Report, December 9, 2020.

66 Missouri Lawmakers Led by Rep. Justin Hill Sign Resolution for MI, WI, PA, GA, AZ and NV to Investigate Rampant Election Fraud or Have Electors Disqualified, Gateway Pundit, December 9, 2020.

Arizona Joins 20 Other States In Texas Election Lawsuit With The Supreme Court, Geller Report, December 9, 2020.

17 States Support Texas Supreme Court Lawsuit Alleging PA-MI-GA-WI Elections Were Unconstitutional, Breitbart, December 9, 2020.

Arizona Supreme Court Knocks Down State GOP’s Election Challenge, Breitbart, December 9, 2020.


Election Fraud Lawyer Sidney Powell Will Appeal Dismissal of Georgia Lawsuit, “Will Proceed As Fast As Possible to the Supreme Court.”, Geller Report, December 8, 2020.

The Texas lawsuit in the Supreme Court is huge - video, by Andrea Widburg, American Thinker, December 8, 2020.

Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, South Carolina, South Dakota Announce They’ve Joined Texas Election Fraud Lawsuit on SCOTUS Docket, Geller Report, December 8, 2020.

"A Republic - if you can keep it."


Supreme Court denies Pennsylvania case challenging election results, Right Scoop, December 8, 2020.

Alabama & Louisiana support Texas case before US Supreme Court alleging ‘unconstitutional’ election in four states, RT, December 8, 2020.

Texas Sues Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin at Supreme Court over Election Rules, Breitbart, December 7, 2020.

Arizona Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Election Challenge After Investigation of 100-Ballot Sample Finds 3% of the Ballots Were Deemed Fraudulent in Favor of Biden, Gateway Pundit, December 7, 2020.

Legal Scholar Argues that States Which Were Undecided on the Winner of the Presidential Race at Midnight Election Day Acted Outside the Constitution and Their Results Are Therefore Void, Gateway Pundit, December 7, 2020.

Must watch: Levin Calls for SCOTUS to Intercede in Election Fraud Investigations — Pennsylvania ‘Abandoned Its Constitution’, December 7, 2020.

STUNNING: Michigan and Pennsylvania Secretaries of State Gave Far Left Rock the Vote Activists Access to Sensitive Data on All Voters, David Harris Jr., December 7, 2020.

Will SCOTUS Overrule the Pennsylvania Supreme Court?, American Thinker, December 7, 2020.

Michigan Judge Orders Forensic Audit of 22 Dominion Voting Machines, December 5, 2020.

Electoral fraud revealed in Wisconsin, Canada Free Press, December 5, 2020.

Trump Campaign Files Lawsuit Seeking To ‘Order A New Statewide Election’ In Georgia, Daily Wire, December 5, 2020.

Nevada Judge Tosses Trump Campaign’s Challenge to Vote Results, Breitbart, December 4, 2020. Obama Judge in Nevada Denies Trump Campaign’s Lawsuit – Ignores 20 Books Full of Evidence, American Conservatives, December 4, 2020.

Wisconsin high court declines to hear Trump election lawsuit, Breitbart, November 4, 2020.

Federal court fast-tracks request for forensic examination of Dominion Voting machines, Conservative Review, December 3, 2020.

President Trump: Nevada Judge Orders Inspection of Election Equipment in Clark County, Gateway Pundit, December 1, 2020.


U.S. District Judge Orders Georgia County to Stop Software Update on Voting Machines, Reverses Order, Breitbart, November 30, 2020.

Disenfranchising the Nonexistent and Illegal Voters, American Thinker, November 29, 2020.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Tosses Challenge to Vote-by-Mail Because It Came Too Late, Breitbart, November 29, 2020.

Sidney Powell files lawsuit claiming Iranian, Chinese operatives potentially targeted Dominion Voting Systems, OAN, November  27, 2020. "We have confirmed that some voter registration information has been obtained by Iran and separately by Russia," Ratcliffe stated

Pennsylvania Judge Rules 2020 PA Election Likely Unconstitutional – Trump Case “Likelihood to Succeed” – Gives State Legislators Power to Choose Electors, Gateway Pundit, November 27, 2020.

Green Party Candidate Jill Stein Won Groundbreaking Case in October — Gives Campaign Right to Examine Voting Machine Source Code, Gateway Pundit, November 27, 2020.

Pennsylvania Appeals Court Tosses Trump Lawsuit, Setting Stage For Supreme Court Showdown, Zero Hedge, November 27, 2020.

Military Information Expert: These systems allow authorized and unauthorized users to cancel votes, shift votes, preload votes vote blank ballots, all in real time, Geller Report, November 25, 2020.

Pennsylvania Judge Stops Election Certification Amid Mass Voter Fraud Evidence, Geller Report, November 25, 2020.

Huge court win lets Trump present ballot evidence, could overturn Nevada result, Geller Report, November 25, 2020.

Lin Wood Case in Georgia Is Still Very Much Alive – Case Appealed to 11th Circuit – Still Moving Forward, Gateway Pundit, November 24, 2020.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules Mail-In/Absentee Ballots with No Dates or Handwritten Name/Address Can be Counted, Gateway Pundit, November 23, 2020.

Trump scores two wins as Michigan legislature, federal appeals court agree to election reviews, Just The News, November 23, 2020.

Groundbreaking SCOTUS case that could decide the election?, Independent Sentinel, November 21, 2020.

“Miscarriage of Justice” – Mark Levin Goes Off on Obama Judge That Dismissed Trump Campaign Lawsuit Seeking to Block Pennsylvania From Certifying Its Results, Gateway Pundit, November 21, 2020.

Philadelphia: Female Trump Lawyer Protected By U.S. Marshals After Receiving Death Threats, National File, November 20, 2020.

PA Supreme Court Party Line Ruling Against Trump, Liberty Nation, November 17, 2020.

Civil Liberty Watchdog Sues Over Millions Zuckerburg Donated to Election Non-Profit, Epoch Times, November 16, 2020.


US Appeals Court Rejects Effort to Block Late Ballots in Pa, ;NewsMax, November 12, 2020.

PA Judge Rules Some Late Ballots Don't Count; Secretary Of State 'Lacked Authority' To Extend ID Deadline, ZeroHedge, November 12, 2020.

Trump Campaign Lawsuit Challenges Dominion Voting Machine Counts in Michigan, Breitbart, November 12, 2020.

In wake of election, 25 lawsuits filed over election’s conduct, Ballotpedia, November 11, 2020.


Republican Attorneys General Taking Legal Action over Pennsylvania Mail-in Ballots, Breitbart, November 10, 2020.

Attorney General William Barr Authorizes DOJ to Look into Voting Irregularities, Breitbart, November 10, 2020.

‘Networks Don’t Get to Decide Elections, Courts Do’: Giuliani Announces Lawsuit, Daily Signal, November 7, 2020.

SCOTUS orders PA to segregate late-arriving mail ballots, Independent Sentinel, November 6, 2020.

Trump campaign lawsuit against Pennsylvania’s late ballots could flip the House to the GOP, Daily Torch, November 6, 2020.

What to Know About Litigation Being Waged Across US to Preserve Trump Presidency, by Hans von Spakovsky, Daily Signal, November 6, 2020.

Trump Campaign Scores Another Win In Pennsylvania Court; Some Ballots Lacking Voter ID Info Must Be Set Aside, Daily Wire, November 6, 2020.

President Team Trump and RNC WIN MAJOR VICTORY in Pennsylvania Voter ID Case, Geller Report, November 5, 2020.

North Carolina: Supreme Court Rules for 9-Day Mailed Ballot Extension, Breitbart, October 29, 2020. New Justice Amy Coney Barrett took no part in the case.

Judge: Virginia can’t count some ballots without postmarks, AP, October 28, 2020.

U.S. Supreme Court to decide whether North Carolina will count mailed-in ballots after November 6, Geller Report, October 26, 2020.

Supreme Court Rejects Republican Challenge to Pennsylvania Vote-by-Mail Changes, Breitbart, October 19, 2020.

Pennsylvania. Supreme Court rules mail-in ballots will count even if signatures don’t match, Geller Report, October 26, 2020.

Supreme Court Grants Stay Against ‘Curbside’ Voting in Alabama, Breitbart, October 22, 2020.

Michigan Court of Appeals: Ballots Must Arrive by Election Day; 14-Day Extension Overturned, Breitbart, October 16, 2020.

Federal Appeals Court HALTS Wisconsin Ballot-Counting Extension, Geller Report, September 29, 2020.

Sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that tends toward rebellion against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent toward, or rebellion against, established authority.

Treason is considered more serious than sedition. It is a concept that overlaps with sedition. It refers to acts of brazen defiance against one’s own government in a bid to bring harm or to overthrow the government in place.

- Ray DiLorenzo, Release The Kraken, Canada Free Press, November 28, 2020.