Election Fraud and the Stolen 2020 Election

20 February 2024
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The price of liberty is eternal vigilance
- Thomas Jefferson

Also see: 2022: The First Wholly Manufactured Election and Ballot Busting.

The Stolen 2020 Election

There is overwhelming evidence that the 2020 election was stolen as a result of pervasive election fraud and by death by a thousand cuts where every aspect of the election and media coverage was rigged.

2000 Mules - Rigging An Election is a must-watch movie documentary that presents irrefutable proof of election fraud.

Mike Benz makes damning case that the RIG was in for the 2020 election SEVEN MONTHS ahead of time.

Compilation of research and articles on election fraud

Rigged: new book on how Democrats, media, and Big Tech seized our elections.

Ballot busting - a primary resource that catalogs the vast majority of articles on election fraud.

Judiciary and election fraud - a short compilation of articles relating to court cases.

Book: Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections, by Mollie Hemingway, September 2021.

Here is the Evidence - Analyze election data files without the need for Excel.

Summary of 2020 Presidential Election Fraud in Swing States, by President Trump, KanekoaTheGreat, X / Geller Report, 5 January 2024.


25 Big Questions That Democrats Can't Answer About The 2020 Election, by Emerald Robinson, 11 March 2022:

  1. Why did the vote counting stop on election night in several swing states?

  2. Why did the vote counting delays only happen in swing states?

  3. Why were election observers barred from entering vote counting stations in swing states?

  4. Why did Trey Trainor, the chair of the Federal Election Commission, declare on TV that election "observers have not been allowed into the polling locations in a meaningful way" and that “if they're not, the law is not being followed, making this an illegitimate election” on November 6th, 2020?

  5. Why are any electronic voting machines hooked up to the Internet?

  6. Why were votes from the 2020 election sent overseas for “processing” and “tabulation” purposes?

  7. Why would votes from 30 states in America be processed by a Canadian firm?

  8. Why would the company that “tabulates” votes for 800 American counties be a recently bankrupt Barcelona-based firm with the Department of Defense as its best-known client?

  9. Why would America’s electronic voting machines be under the ownership of citizens from foreign nations?

  10. Why are so many electronic voting machine companies owned by shell companies?

  11. Why did it take Maricopa County (Arizona) two weeks to count its votes?

  12. Why did an audit expert find 74,000 more votes were counted in Maricopa County (Arizona) than were mailed out?

  13. Why did Mark Zuckerberg fork over $400 million to his personal charity to run a parallel private election system in 2020?

  14. Why did the Special Counsel in Wisconsin just release a report that called Zuckerberg’s donations in five Wisconsin counties a classic case of bribery?

  15. Why did AG Merrick Garland at Biden’s Department of Justice threaten to interfere in a post-election audit conducted in Arizona — and authorized by the state of Arizona?

  16. Why did a county circuit court judge in Wisconsin rule that the Wisconsin Elections Commission had run the 2020 election in an illegal manner?

  17. Why have the voting machine companies refused to comply with subpoenas from the state officials of Wisconsin?

  18. Why do the voting machine companies refuse to have their machines inspected even though these machines are used in public elections?

  19. Why is a federal judge in Georgia refusing to release a report by a cybersecurity expert who inspected a Dominion machine and found it vulnerable to hacking and manipulation of the votes?

  20. Why has Dominion Voting Systems refused to comply with the post-election audit in Arizona — which was ordered by the State of Arizona itself?

  21. Why are more than 300,000 ballot transfer forms missing in Georgia’s 2020 election?

  22. Why did Dominion Voting Systems fail to show up and answer questions from the elected officials of Pennsylvania after the 2020 election?

  23. Why do 204,430 mail-in ballots in Arizona have mismatched signatures?

  24. Why do 740,000 mail-in ballots in Arizona have broken chain of custody?

  25. Why did the Wisconsin Special Counsel find that 50 nursing homes had 100% voter turnout and that cheating was widespread?

Selected articles on election fraud

Here are selected articles and resources on the issue of election fraud. Summaries of the articles are included, which include links to the full articles.

Get Smart About What Really Happened in the 2020 Election, by J. Christian Adams, Gatestone Institute, 21 October 2021.

Clarence Thomas Dissent in Election Cases: Our Fellow Citizens Deserve Better, Breitbart, 23 February 2021.

Recommended 16 minute video: My Pillow Guy Releases Second Election Fraud Video, Bitchute, February 8, 2021. Long video: Absolute Proof, by Mike Lindell, 5 Februar 2021.

Time Magazine: Secret, Well-funded Cabal Worked to ‘Protect’ 2020 Election, 5 February 2021.

Caught with Their Hands in the Cookie Jar, 30 January 2021.

How State Legislatures Can Break the Power of Corrupt Big-City Machines in Presidential Elections, 30 January 2021.

One Last Word on the Election, 16 January 2021.

Everything You Need to Know About 2020. Election Fraud, but the Media Won’t Let You Ask, 16 January 2021.

Yes, It Was a Stolen Election, 15 January 2021

The Immaculate Deception - the Navarro Report, 13 January 2021.

Video: 2020. Election Investigative Documentary: Who’s Stealing America?, 31 December 2020.

Video: President Trump Addresses The Nation On National Emergency of Election Fraud, 29 December 2020.

The Electoral College and the 2020. Election, 15 December 2020.

Courts to Voters: Democrat Election Fraud Is 'Too Big to Fail', 14 December 2020.

Timing of the Electors - We Don't Need SCOTUS to Win, 12 December 2020.

Legal Expert: There is No Deadline to Choose Presidential Electors Before Jan. 20 Inauguration Date, 7 December 2020.

Levin Calls for SCOTUS to Intercede in Election Fraud Investigations — Pennsylvania 'Abandoned Its Constitution', 7 December2020.

Election Integrity Watchdog Amistad Project: December 8 Deadline for Selection of Electors Does Not Apply to Disputed States, 7 December 2020.

The Law is Clear: If An Election is Stolen, State Legislatures Can Restore The Will of The People, 6 December 2020.

Evidence supports Sidney Powell's claim about global election fraud, 5 December 2020.

Joe Biden Magically Outperformed Election Norms - fails the smell test, 30 November 2020.

Video: U.S. elections: Enough Votes to Turn the Election–Voting Machine Secrets Revealed, 28 November 2020.

Election Fraud You Can See, 25 November 2020.

Dominion in Georgia: What Happened?, 25 November 2020.

The Simplest Source of Voter Fraud Is Baked Into the System, 21 November 2020.

The Greatest Electoral Heist in American History, 21 November 2020.

Trump Orders USAUCOM to Seize Scytl Servers In Germany!, 21 November 2020.

Rep. Brooks: Congress Has 'Absolute Right' to Reject a State’s Electoral College Votes, 20 November 2020.

The "Dominion" of Election Fraud? - Exposing the Dominion Voting Machines, 18 November 2020.

The Democrats’ 7-Step Strategy to Win the Election Using Vote-by-Mail Chaos. 7 November 2020.

Why Does Biden Have So Many More Votes Than Democrat Senators In Swing States?, 6 November 2020.

Why The Wall Street Journal Is Wrong About The 2020 Election, by William Doyle, The Federalist, 28 January 2022.

Reminder - The Parliamentary Motive Behind the J6 Fedsurrection, The Last Refuge, 29 June 2023.

Summary of 2020 Presidential Election Fraud in Swing States, by President Trump, KanekoaTheGreat, X / Geller Report, 5 January 2024.

More articles on election fraud

Also see: 2022: The First Wholly Manufactured Election and Ballot Busting.

Here's How They Did it: Real-time Election Fraud, by Jay Valentine, American Thinker, 11 December 2022.

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Why the 2020 Election was Unverifiable, by Joe Fried, American Thinker, 23 February 2023.

Book by Joseph Fried: Debunked: A Professional Auditor Reviews the 2020 ElectionReview: Auditing Biden's 'Victory'.

Why Kari Lake Couldn't Close the Deal. Republicans don't embrace real time. The RNC, the Trump Campaign, the Lake Campaign continue to fail with batch computer systems using 1970s technology, by Jay Valentine, American Thinker, 25 May 2023.

Trump’s Then White House Lawyer Admits to Engineering Plot To Prevent Investigating 2020 Election Fraud, Swamp Ran Deep, 28 March 2024.


The immense stakes in the 2020 election

The immense stakes in the 2020 election

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