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The Immaculate Deception - the Navarro Report

Six Key Dimensions of Election Irregularities
Wednesday, January 13, 2021
National News
Originally published December 19, 2020.

Democrats: ‘We’re F***ed’ with Election Integrity Laws in 18 States

Monday, July 26, 2021
National News

Democrats are worried about winning the 2022 midterm elections after Republican state legislatures reformed 30 election integrity laws in 18 states and additional legislation may come.

Indivisible Fights to Pass Voter Fraud Law Before 2022 Midterms - Next Few Weeks Crucial (video)

RAIR Foundation
Monday, July 19, 2021
National News

... The subversive organization Indivisible is pushing their followers to pressure the government to abolish the Filibuster by the end of the month in order to push through their voter fraud legislation H.R. 1, the “For the People Act” before the 2022 midterms.

Going Postal: How the Left Will Use Vote by Mail to Federalize Elections

In the lead up to 2020, big philanthropy and progressive Democrats teamed up to make mail-in ballots the new normal.
American Conservative
Thursday, July 8, 2021
National News

SCOTUS Defends Election Integrity, Dems Panic

The Court’s ruling in Brnovich v. DNC makes it harder for them to cheat in 2022.
Saturday, July 3, 2021
National News

Former President Donald Trump: Flawed New York City Election Proves ‘Our Elections Are a Mess’

Wednesday, June 30, 2021
National News
Former President Donald Trump highlighted the election in New York City on Wednesday as another example of faulty American elections, calling for additional security reforms.

Great news! Senate Blocks Democrats’ Election Power Grab Bill

Tuesday, June 22, 2021
National News
Great news!
Senate Republicans blocked a signature Democrat election bill that would radically transform America’s electoral system and grant the federal government more control over the country’s elections.

Title Board rejects ballot initiative to ban vote-by-mail

Colorado Politics
Thursday, June 3, 2021
Colorado News
The Title Board on Wednesday declined to advance a ballot initiative that sought to broadly alter election protocols in Colorado, including through the abolition of universal mail voting and the imposition of a fingerprinted, government-issued "elector card" to vote in person.


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