Levin Calls for SCOTUS to Intercede in Election Fraud Investigations — Pennsylvania ‘Abandoned Its Constitution’

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Trent Baker
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7 December 2020
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National News
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Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “Life, Liberty & Levin,” host Mark Levin sounded off on allegations of voter fraud in the November 3 presidential election.

Levin highlighted how Pennsylvania “abandoned its constitution” for the 2020 presidential election to sway the battleground state for former Vice President Joe Biden by extending the date to receive ballots and allow mail-in voting. According to Levin, the United States has “a potential constitutional crisis” on its hands with the possible fraud.

“What we see here is fraud perpetrated against the people of Pennsylvania, against the American people and the Electoral College process by politicians who violated the constitution repeatedly, who have violated the rule of law by a rogue state supreme court,” Levin stated. “And unless the U.S. Supreme Court — as it did in Bush versus Gore — exercises legitimately its power of judicial review. We have a potential constitutional crisis in this matter. And in one way or another, Congress will have to resolve it on January 6. But the U.S. Supreme Court shouldn’t just sit there and take a pass when in fact it is time for the U.S. Supreme Court to intercede, which is exactly what the petitioners are asking it to do.”

Watch: Levin: The Supreme Court needs to intercede in 2020 election fraud investigations, December 7, 2020.