Just How Hard Were We Trolled?

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The COVID China virus vaccine did not work because it could not work.
Article author: 
Jeffrey A. Tucker
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Epoch Times
Article date: 
7 February 2023
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Our American Future
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... the COVID vaccine did not work because it could not work....

Vaccines are not suitable for coronaviruses. Such respiratory viruses spread and mutate too quickly. This is why there has never been a vaccine for the common cold and why the flu shot is predictably suboptimal. Vaccines can only be sterilizing and contribute to public health when the virus is a stable pathogen like Smallpox and Measles. For coronaviruses, there is really only one way forward: better anti-virals, therapeutics, and acquired immunity.

The above paragraph has been repeated to me countless times in my life, especially after COVID hit. Every expert was on the same page. There was simply no question about it.... This is why the FDA has never approved one. It would not and could not make it through trials...

And yet only now does Fauci choose to lay out the science that we knew long ago.... This is a level of trolling that is truly unthinkable and indescribable....

The most dreadful theory is that they knew for sure that the virus would become endemic through exposure. But the point of “slowing the spread” and “flattening the curve” (lockdowns and masking), while trashing and nearly banning other therapeutics, was to preserve the customer base for the new experimental product.

That product was mRNA which is supposed to be a platform for future vaccines. This is why the J&J vaccine was taken off market....

As for Moderna and Pfizer, one could easily make a case for forcing their immediate end as corporate entities....


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