Justin Trudeau's Step-By-Step Plan For A Totalitarian Canada

Article author: 
Brad Salzberg
Article publisher: 
Canada Free Press
Article date: 
8 March 2022
Article category: 
National News
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The most authoritarian measures in modern history become a social standard, witnessed in government response to the Freedom Rally Protest in February, 2022.

PM Trudeau’s playbook goes like this:

  1.     Declare a crisis.
  2.     Construct a narrative around the crisis.
  3.     Push the narrative via establishment media.
  4.     Use the narrative to consolidate power.
  5.     Slander, censor and persecute all those who oppose the narrative.

Students of 20th century history should pick up on a pattern. The establishment of totalitarian states follows this architectural blueprint. From the Russian Revolution in 1917 to the rise of European fascism during World War II, it is a common process.

Loss of personal freedom, erasure of freedom of speech, vilification of communities, confiscation of weapons. What do you know—the Trudeau government are engaging in all of it. Covid limits personal freedom. The Liberal’s Bill C-36 erodes freedom of speech. The Truckers Convoy established a villain community. Bill C-21 confiscates guns owned by citizens. All of this aligns with historical countries which transitioned to authoritarian government control.

Most often, citizens cannot see it coming. A collective blindness exists when media morph into an instrument for dissemination of government propaganda. Intrinsic to success is a specific methodology: roll out the changes on an incremental basis....

At this point in the game, Canadians must question not only the degree of coercion shaping government policy. We need to question whether coercion has reached a degree in which political leaders are being selected rather than elected.... Call us skeptics, but we have for years wondered how these people find themselves in office....


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Sad that people in Canada are under tyrannical rule