Lessons for America From India’s War Against Illegal Muslim Migrants

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Imagine if we had India’s immigration policy
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Daniel Greenfield
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FrontPage Mag
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28 July 2019
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National News
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India’s 2,582 mile border with Bangladesh is even longer than America’s 1,954 mile border with Mexico.
The two countries are divided not only by that border, but by religion. India has an 80% Hindu majority and a rising 13% Muslim minority. Bangladesh has a 90% Muslim majority. And the tide of Muslim migration from Bangladesh to India began to shift the population balance in some Indian states.
India has spent decades building fences, topping them with barbed wire, and installing lights...
America’s Border Patrol has less than 20,000 people. India’s Border Security Force has 186 battalions and 257,363 people. It’s a paramilitary organization with an intelligence network, ten artillery units, air and marine wings, and canine and even camel units. And the weapons aren’t just there for show.
Over 1,000 illegal infiltrators have been killed trying to enter India from Bangladesh in over a decade....
India is also moving against the 40,000 strong Rohingya illegal Muslim population which hae been a problem in that country, as well as in Myanmar. But India is also making it clear that it will respect legitimate refugees by providing sanctuary to Hindu and Buddhist refugees fleeing Islamic violence....
Building a border wall is a partial answer. But the real answer lies in using military force to secure the border, ending the processing of asylum requests, and distinguishing Americans from illegal aliens.
India’s example shows that these things can be done. And if India can do them, America certainly can....