LGBT Activists Have Been Using Courts To Harass This Christian Baker For Ten Years

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LGBT Activists Have Been Using Courts To Harass This Christian Baker For Ten Years
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The Federalist
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17 January 2022
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Colorado News
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Justice delayed is justice denied: Jack Phillips has ‘now been in courts defending his freedom nearly a decade.’

Jack Phillips is an American. His nation’s supreme law claims to protect his inalienable rights to free speech and to freely practice his faith. Yet for ten years, these same rights have been effectively suspended by a state legislature and multiple courts, despite a 2018 win in the U.S. Supreme Court.
Phillips, who lives in the Denver, Colorado suburb of Lakewood, was first prosecuted for faithful Christianity in 2012. He was hauled into Colorado’s non-judicial Civil Rights Commission, then later into real courts, for offering to sell a gay couple anything in his bakery, Masterpiece Cakeshop, except a custom cake celebrating homosexual acts. He’s still in court now....
In 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court found Phillips was essentially the victim of government entities prejudiced against Christians and other traditional religions, noting the personal hostility expressed against him by commission members....
“Colorado officials compared Jack’s plea for religious freedom to some of the worst things in American history, such as the Holocaust and slavery,” noted Phillips’s current lawyer, Jacob Warner, in a phone interview. Warner works for the Alliance Defending Freedom, which has defended Phillips pro bono in court. “The Supreme Court didn’t need to reach the free speech issue because of that animosity and that left the door open for other litigation.”
Immediately after the Supreme Court decision in Phillips’s first case, LGBT activists hauled Phillips back into court, not once but twice more, again with clear personal animus....
According to court documents, Scardina has sought for many years to harm Phillips due to his religious beliefs and public stand on their behalf. During trial, for example, Scardina said the goal of this suit was to “correct” the “errors of [Phillips’s] thinking.”...

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