Maine: Somali Muslims Beating Locals & Refusing to Integrate: “We’re Here To Stay, Whether You Like It Or Not!”

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DC Clothesline
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12 January 2019
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Our American Future
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... lots of stories have poured out of Maine about Somali Muslims, in a similar fashion as they have in Minnesota.  The latest comes by way of video clips that are from a town meeting in Lewiston back in June 2018, a town where Somali mobs have taken to beating and harassing Maine citizens in Kennedy Park.  However, what’s amazing is the defiance of the Somalis who spoke, blasting assimilation and integration into the culture they are being allowed to live in and even claiming that they are what makes Maine great and has put it on the map....

However, there are plenty who have settled in Maine, and the town of Lewiston is being taken over by these Muslims in a similar manner to Dearborn, Michigan.
Take a look at some of the comments of these Somali immigrants as they demonstrate their ungratefulness and defiance against those who would call them to assimilate into American culture in a similar manner that they would present if we were to travel to Somalia.