Making Sense of the Russian Hacking Accusation

Article author: 
Greg Penglis
Article publisher: 
Canada Free Press
Article date: 
7 January 2017
Article category: 
National News
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Let’s try a little event history here to make sense of this Russian election hacking accusation.  It’s not exactly in order, rather it is how the events appear to connect and make sense to me, with lots of speculation on my part. 

  • Hillary Clinton sets up a private email server as Secretary of State, so that she can hide her correspondence from government scrutiny and from becoming part of the public record.  This is because it might open her up to future criminal charges if the content of her emails ever became public or were officially investigated.
  • John Podesta, who is running the Hillary campaign for President, writes a bunch of emails during the campaign which later implicate him in all kinds of unethical behavior.
  • Seth Rich, Democrat staffer and insider, is shot in the back two times while walking home.  His death is classified as a robbery gone bad, and no further investigation is pursued, even though it appears an obvious murder.
  • The Russians allegedly hacked the State Department.  Russian hacking allegations go back at least a year before the election, yet nothing is done by the Obama Administration.  Lots of other nations like China are hacking our government as well.
  • Wikileaks publishes a ton of really juicy emails from Clinton and Podesta that they never wanted to see the light of day.  The emails show how truly corrupt they both are, how many possible crimes they may have committed, how they rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders, how the Clinton Foundation was “pay to play,” how much collusion there was with the Leftist media, and how they really ran their campaign.
  • FBI Director Comey announces that no criminal charges will be brought against Hillary Clinton, even though in congressional hearings especially with Trey Goudy, Comey reveals that Clinton lied on numerous occasions during her investigation, and also mishandled classified information as Secretary of State, which is a crime.


  • Trump wins the election.  No accusations of Russian hacking or interfering with the election are made.
  • The Left and Democrat Party are unable and unwilling to accept the results of the election so they: riot, claim the overall popular vote means something when its irrelevant, stage recounts using the Green Party like a straw purchase... and when all else has failed start an elaborate campaign that the Russians had hacked the DNC to get the emails and impact the election.
  • This whole campaign is created to steer the media from reporting any further on what was in the Clinton and Podesta emails, to reporting on where they came from.
  • Obama, his Administration, liberal Republicans, and the Leftist media, all cooperate on a campaign to focus on the Russians as the only source of the emails to Wikileaks.


  • The Administration/media allegation is that the Russians hacked the election to get Donald Trump to be President even though Hillary Clinton, being the far weaker and more Leftist candidate, and because of her record as Secretary of State, would have been the obvious choice for the Russians.  She can be hacked with her private server, blackmailed with Foundation crimes, and her foreign policy decisions are tragic and flawed.


  • It doesn’t matter what is in the official report, what the Russians did or didn’t do, where the leaks actually came from that Wikileaks published, because NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT WHAT IS IN THE EMAILS ANYMORE!!! ...
  • Mission accomplished.  The campaign of deception and substitution worked.  The FBI investigation of Clinton and her Foundation is long gone from the headlines.  It’s not a priority for Donald Trump.  Hillary isn’t blamed by Democrats for her election loss, the Russians are, so proving Russian involvement is now irrelevant.  Most important is that there are no pending charges and so Clinton doesn’t have to be pardoned by Obama.
  • Clinton is now free to run for Mayor of New York.  Maybe that is what this whole thing with the Russians was about from the beginning.


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