Mapping the Rising Tide - a politically incorrect discussion of demographics

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Atlantic Centurion
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12 August 2016
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Our American Future
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Here's an article that discusses changing demographics and displacement of Anglo Americans in their own country which is being rapidly colonized via third world immigration. This frank discussion of demographics violates the taboo that every race except Anglo American Whites are allowed to discuss race and demographics

The article contains a number of interesting maps.

Mapping the Rising Tide - excerpts, American Renaissance, August 9, 2016.

Mapping the Rising Tide - full article, Atlantic Centurion August 9, 2016:

America’s demographic changes are real, and they are celebrated by the Democratic party, which believes it will get a permanent majority at the federal level and in many states once it becomes impossible to elect Republicans due to a dwindling White population. This is something which should certainly give all conservatives and Republicans a reason to pause when thinking about the immigration and race-relations debates in this country, and something every White person should at least be aware of so they can have an informed opinion on their destiny as a people on this continent...

The American city has borne the brunt of  demographic colonization by the third world. In total, less than a third of the thirty largest US cities proper have a White majority, None of the ten largest cities have a White majority. In the top three—New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago—Whites are less than a third of the population. Five of the top-twenty cities have a White majority, but only one is over 60% White. With all thirty included, nine have a White majority—Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Columbus, Seattle, Denver, Nashville, Portland, Oklahoma City, and Louisville—but only three—Seattle, Portland, and Louisville—are over 60% White. All three over-60% cities have less than 700,000 people, and the general trend is that smaller cities tend to be Whiter. Outside of the top-thirty however, there are plenty of cities proper that counter this trend and have minority-majorities, such as Atlanta, Sacramento, Miami, New Orleans, Cleveland, Tampa, St. Louis, Cincinnati, and Newark to name a few...

Ultimately, this just drives home the point further that cities and metropolitan areas are being demographically conquered and expanding deeper into the country... The United States is reverting to a colonial society, one of foreign cities and a disconnected indigenous countryside...

The loss of our own cities is unique problem of the White world, the sort of thing Stoddard warned us would happen if we yielded the outer dikes without shoring up the inner dikes. A Japanese city is Japanese. A Mexican city is Mexican. An Indian city is Indian. A Chinese city is Chinese. It is only in Europe and the Anglo satellites where you have this phenomenon of cities being not just slightly divergent from the general population but foreign to it. New York, for example, is not an Anglo-American city, but an Israeli-Puerto Rican-Chinese-Pakistani-Ecuadorian-Mexican-Filipino-Dominican-African-Korean city. Paris is not a French city, but an Algerian-Moroccan-Portuguese-Senegalese-Vietnamese-Malian city. London is not a British city, but an Indian-Pakistani-Jamaican-Polish-Bengali-Arab-Chinese-Nigerian city. It will pose a geopolitical problem in the future, that metropolitan and non-metropolitan counties in the same country are different races from one another. Indeed, there can be no harmony in a country where the centers of power and economic life are radically different from the wider society—the ancient tension between urban and rural will only be exacerbated further...

People do not like being colonized...




There are indeed consequences to mass immigration, which the politically correct pundits and mainstream media strive to ignore. One notable consequence is that the dependent class of immigrant colonists overwhelmingly vote Democratic in order to get more free stuff on the public dole. The converse, of course, is that the numbers of patriotic Americans (mostly Anglo Americans as it turns out) who vote conservative Republican are dwindling in proportion. 

As an exercise, reread the article, substituting "black" for "white". Doing so will reveal lot about your preconceived, ingrained attitudes towards racism, political correctness, and requisite censorship of demographic discussion.