Marine to sue Wal-Mart: refused prescription for life-saving Ivermectin

Article author: 
Ben Wetmore
Article publisher: 
Gateway Pundit
Article date: 
26 November 2021
Article category: 
National News
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As a Marine, Bill Salier was shot at by snipers in Mogadishu during his nearly five years serving his country. With an impressive security clearance, earlier he was trusted to guard the Presidency from threats on station at Camp David. For the next 20 years he farmed 250 acres in Iowa producing corn, soybeans and pigs to feed American families. 
But his local Wal-Mart pharmacist didn’t trust his judgment to fill a life-saving dose of Ivermectin when COVID attacked his body last month and corporate policy was to deny such medicine based on politics, not science...

Concerned not only for himself but for his wife about to slip into the pain and suffering of the virus, he remembered a contact to Steve Deace, a national talk show host working with the Blaze radio network. From there, Deace put Salier in touch with Dr. Mollie James. Dr. James has been a COVID whistleblower trying to bring the public’s attention to the politicized nature of specific medical treatments: that life-saving affordable drugs exist to stop the effects of COVID and can also turn the tide in dying patients to bring them back from the abyss....

Ivermectin is a globally-recognized miracle drug that has been prescribed billions of times. The drug was dishonestly labelled ‘horse dewormer’ by the American mainstream media likely to suit an ideological agenda, as any responsible medical professional will acknowledge that it has proven to have life-saving properties for humans by stopping viral replication in the body. Even its detractors now meekishly admit Ivermectin is a partial-treatment for COVID....

Dr. James then contacted Wal-Mart again and asked to talk with the pharmacist in question, who again refused to fill the valid prescription and then hung up with the words “I’m not filling it!”...  “Never in 20 years in medicine have I seen prescriptions refused to be filled for political reasons like this,” Dr. James said....




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