Mass Deportations, The Lying Press, And The Secret To Success

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18 November 2023
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National News
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Everyone is talking about mass deportations now. The Republican frontrunners, President Donald Trump and Governor Ron DeSantis, have spelled out serious and controversial plans for ending the illegal immigration crisis and beginning to deport the 13-22 million illegal aliens in the United States...

With regard to what can be done, the Lying Press and the Treason Bar immediately jump in and say nothing can be done. They even claim most illegal aliens are here legally...

The most galling lie is the claim that illegal aliens are here on a legal status. No, there are no illegal aliens in the United States in a legal status. Illegal aliens in removal proceedings are still illegal aliens, including those claiming asylum. And, no, TPS [Temporary Protected Status] is not protection against removal, as TPS is subject to revocation by the President at any time, but more important, TPS is not part of the illegal alien count, so why the ignorant reporters even mention TPS is suspicious, as it appears to be an attempt at misdirection...

All either Trump or DeSantis needs to do is refuse waivers or discretionary relief, which is completely within their lawful authority...

... Florida’s economy continues to boom without the legal and illegal aliens supposedly fleeing Florida. Even if so, it is not just retirees coming to Florida; blue collar workers are coming as well...

The problem isn’t really at the border; that problem can be solved easily by giving Mexico an ultimatumend illegal crossing of the border or suffer the consequences...


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