Mayorkas And Biden Implementing ICE SVU Identification Card Amnesty

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12 May 2024
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National News
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After a long roll-out, almost two years from concept to implementation, the Biden Regime will be implementing their latest amnesty, this time the ID Card Amnesty, first reported in July 2022: see Biden Regime Beginning Program To Give Amnesty-Lite To Illegal Aliens.

It’s just treason. There’s nothing more complex or complicated about it. We don’t need to say anything else.

— James Kirkpatrick (@VDAREJamesK) May 10, 2024

ICE SVU is denying that this identification card will be an “official form of identification,“ though just what will it be besides identification they don’t say. And there will be no prohibition on banks or sanctuary cities accepting the ICE SVU Amnesty Card as identification.

There has been a demand for decades for identification for illegal aliens. At first, the open borders crowd pushed consular identification cards, ID cards issued by foreign embassies and consulates to their citizens in the United States for their consular purposes only, as the solution. Eventually banks and sanctuary cities accepted the cards as legitimate identification...

The problem with fraudulent identities will not be solved with the ICE SVU Amnesty Identification Cards, as almost all illegal aliens appear in the United States without a valid passport issued by the nation of citizenship, so a near infinite number of fresh identities for illegal aliens will be created by ICE SVU...

So, it looks like DHS is planning some general amnesty for illegal aliens, perhaps based on paroling or granting employment authorization to all illegal aliens in deportation proceedings...

This ICE SVU Identification Card Amnesty may turn out to be the biggest Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty yet.


ICE SVU Colluding With The Immigration Court Kritarchs In The EOIR Amnesty, by Federale, 18 May 2024.

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