The Media Stole the 2020 Election Before a Single Vote Was Cast

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The impact of the media's mass manipulation.
Article author: 
Don Feder
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Frontpage Mag
Article date: 
2 December 2020
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National News
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 The media stole the 2020 presidential election, plain and simple. They did it over the course of four years by creating a caricature of Donald Trump and convincing voters that to save the country and the planet, his defeat was imperative.
They persuaded millions of voters that the president who had turned the economy into a job-creating engine, made us energy independent, secured the borders, transformed an activist judiciary, and returned sanity to American foreign policy, was a monster -- a racist megalomaniac, an enemy of the environment, a bungling foreign-policy loner, and an anti-science know-nothing....
The mainstream media had lies for all occasions. There was Trump the bigot (who supposedly praised neo-Confederates and inflamed racial tensions), Trump the Russian agent, Trump who refused to take the Coronavirus seriously (who called it a hoax) while 260,000 died, and Trump who refused to provide relief to the unemployed and businesses going under to punish Democrat cities and states....
What was the impact of this massive media manipulation? A survey by The Polling Company showed that if they’d been aware of the Hunter Biden/Big Guy scandal, 9.4% who voted for the Vice President would have switched, giving Trump all six swing states and the election.