Meet Ray Epps: Damning New Details Emerge on January 6

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18 January 2022
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National News
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Revolver News editor Dr. Darren Beattie (a former visiting professor at Duke and speech writer for Trump) founded Revolver News about two years ago.

He's been a guest on Tucker Carlson three or four times, a couple of which were due to his work in uncovering a major unindicted instigator of the January 6 riot, a tall red-hatted man named Ray Epps --- seen in a great many clips of J6 riots.

This is that first report: "Meet Ray Epps: The Fed-Protected Provocateur Who Appears To Have Led The Very First 1/6 Attack On The U.S. Capitol," October 25, 2021

That was a big story at the time.

But on December 18, Revolver News released a bigger investigative report:

"Meet Ray Epps, Part 2: Damning New Details Emerge Exposing Massive Web Of Unindicted Operators At The Heart Of January 6":

It's a long report --- probably 20 short clips, 50 stills, 15,000 words. I intended to read a few pages. Couldn't stop:

A few names and locations that will help in keeping the story and characters straight --- if you choose to read Meet Ray Epps, Part 2.

Brief sketch of the five riot instigators / commanders / facilitators (all unindicted)

1) Ray Epps - Seen at many locations on Jan 5 and 6 loudly urging people to go INTO the Capitol.

2) ScaffoldCommander - While high on a temporary scaffold (erected for media for the Jan 20 inauguration) he used a high-powered megaphone to constantly urge the crowd move forward, and to fill up the Capitol.

Both Epps and ScoffoldCommander are very effective communicators, pros one might say.

3) FenceCutterBulwark - seen methodically "rolling up restricted area fencing": "The official January 6 story, as parroted by the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and HBO, is that the Proud Boys" arrival at the Peace Monument at 12:48 p.m. is what sparked a sudden breach. But the fact that FenceCutterBulwark and other key operators [Epps & ScaffoldCommander] ... were already waiting in place while the Proud Boys" were still a mile away eating lunch suggests a more sinister possibility: foreknowledge of an imminent breach at this exact location. If it were just FenceCutterBulwark hanging out near the breach site before the Proud Boys" arrival, we might chalk it up to coincidence. But the presence of multiple key breach figures waiting here seems too much to be coincidental."

4) BeCivilGuy - "BeCivilGuy appears to shout [into megahone] "follow me" and "move down," as in "move down" the walkway to the next police barricade... If all you saw was the above video, you'd think BeCivilGuy was just being helpful by urging people to "Be Civil." But there' a big problem with that theory: BeCivilGuy was the first guy who broke upfield toward the second police line, way past the "Restricted Area" fencing — and he did so before Ray Epps & Co. breached the firrst police line at 12:50 p.m., and before any fencing came down from the efforts of BlackSkiMask and his team."

Image: Note megaphone uniformity among instigators.

Revolver: "One has to wonder, were these megaphones simply handed out as standard issue? How come so many key operators using blue-and-white megaphones and are still unindicted, 11 months later?"

5) BlackSkiMask - seen "methodically dumping the police barricades over the side of the walkway wall. This clean removal process will create the impression to the 15,000 people already walking from the Trump speech that no police barricades were ever there in the first place

Some key locations / events

1) RAY EPPS BREACH TEAM GATE [the gate Trump supporters must encounter on arriving at the Capitol perimeter when walking towards the Capitol after Trump's speech: It's very important for the breach team to make sure — long before Trump finishes his speech 30 minutes away that police barriers, fencing and Restricted signs are removed so on arriving at the Capitol perimeter, they will see a wide open access to Capitol.

2) TEMPORARY "MEDIA TOWER" overlooking the Capitol' back terrace on January 6 built in November 2020 so that media crews could properly film the January 2021 inauguration: This is where Scaffold Commander, using a high-powered megaphone relentlessly barks simple commands to the crowd below: "Don't just stand there. Keep moving forward!" and later, "Okay we're in! We're in! Come on! We gotta fill up the Capitol! Come on! Come now! We need help We gotta fill up the Capitol! They got in."


Quote from Beattie' article: "It is noteworthy that this Ray Epps breach occurs just one minute after Capitol Police began responding to reports of two "pipe bombs" located at DNC and GOP headquarters, respectively. Rather conveniently, the already-handicapped Capitol Police thus had still-fewer resources with which to respond to the barricade breach in question."

NOTE: A pipe bomb "suspect" is seen on video talking on a cell phone but is never arrested " despite intel agencies comprehensive tracking capability:

Short takes/Beattie interviews on the new Revolver News piece

25m Dr. Peter Navarro Podcast: Episode 7: Deplorable Barbarians or FBI Instigators at the Gate?

[The first 13m is Dr. Peter Navarro being interviewed by Steve Bannon. Navarro talking mostly about the open Capitol grounds he saw while out for a walk on January 6 then a few minutes on his intense clashes with Dr. Fauci; this is good background for the final 12m in which Darren Beattie of Revolver News summarizes his brilliant investigative piece entitled "Ray Epps, Part 2: Damning New Details Emerge Exposing Massive Web Of Unindicted Operators At The Heart Of January 6"]

Good summaries by Gateway Pundit

"BOMBSHELL: Revolver Investigation Exposes Massive Web Of Unindicted Operatives Who Coordinated Alongside Ray Epps To Turn January 6th Into a Riot", by Julian Conradson, Gateway Pundit, Published December 18, 2021.


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