Mexican-U.S. border: A look at the migrant caravan by the numbers

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Debbie Lord, Cox Media Group National Content Desk
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26 November 2018
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National News
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  • 6,200: The number of Central American migrants camped in Tijuana, Mexico, as of Sunday
  • 3,000: The number of migrants in the Mexican city of Mexicali, a few hours east of Tijuana, as of Sunday
  • 100: The average number of asylum claims processed a day at the San Ysidro, California, border crossing facility
  • 80: The number of asylum seekers allowed into the U.S. at the San Ysidro border crossing on Friday, Nov. 23
  • 40: The number of asylum seekers allowed into the U.S. at San Ysidro on Saturday, Nov. 24
  • 6: The number of months it is estimated to take to process the migrant caravan that is in Tijuana now
  • 100,000: The number of visitors per day to the United States who enter using the San Ysidro border crossing into the United States
  • 23,121: The number of “family units” who were arrested along the U.S. southern border in October
  • 150: The percentage increase in arrests of family units along the southern border since July 2018
  • $10,000: How much one Central American migrant said he would have been charged by a smuggler to travel to the United States
  • $9,000: How much that migrant was charged for his passage and passage for a child; some smugglers give a discount when a migrant brings a child along
  • 39,322: The average number of undocumented immigrants who are in custody on a given day in the United States
  • $2.8 billion: The amount the Trump administration has requested  so Immigration and Customs Enforcement can expand the detention capacity for an average of 49,000 adults and 2,500 families
  • 5,800: The number of active-duty troops recently sent to secure the southern border of the United States
  • 12,290,905: The total number of deportations during Bill Clinton’s presidency
  • 10,328,850: The total number of deportations during George W. Bush’s presidency
  • 5,281,115: The total number of deportations during Barack Obama’s presidency
  • 226,000: The number of undocumented [illegal] aliens removed from the country in the 2017 fiscal year, down 6 percent since FY 2016
  • 2,000: The number of miles along the southern border...




The above statistics reveal that Obama was never the "deporter in chief."

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