Michael Savage Warns U.S. Will ‘Never Recover’ from Biden Open Border Assault — ‘We’ve Crossed the Inflection Point’

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6 October 2021
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National News
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In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News on Thursday, conservative radio legend Michael Savage warned the Biden administration is seeking to “dissolve” the country as it passes the “inflection point,” while highlighting key contributing factors including the rapid flooding of the nation with illegal immigrants in order to “overwhelm the system” and destroy what he terms the three pillars that define a nation: borders, language, and culture.
The interview began with Savage addressing President Joe Biden’s recent declaration that our nation and the world stands at an “inflection point in history” during his first address before the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday....
Asked about the border situation, of which Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was recently accused of lying about as well as hiding data related to the ongoing border crisis due to surging numbers of migrants, Savage had harsh words.
“Where did that creep come from? Where did they get him from? Isn’t he a former Obama guy?” he asked. “How does he get away with openly lying that they’re deporting Haitians when everyone knows they’re dispersing them throughout America — which is destroying the nation?”...
“I’ve been using the tagline ‘borders, language and culture’ since 1994 because we all know that borders define a nation, language defines a nation, and culture defines a nation,” he said. “Everything stems from these three concepts.”...
“Now everyone knows this except the administration, which does not believe in borders, language and culture,” he said. 
“They want to melt us down; they want to dissolve America into a part of the new world order, which sounds conspiratorial — right-wing conspiratorial — but you and I both know it’s true,” he added....
“The fact of the matter is the media is complicit, as you well know,” he stated. “We keep hearing ‘the 11 million illegals need to be normalized.’ That number has been the same for 25 years.”
“I would guesstimate that 60 million illegals are already in this country,” he added, “which explains how totally corrupt Democrat politicians can remain in office for so many years while taxpayers scratch their heads and say, ‘but I voted against that person.’”...
“It’s probably 60 million illegals [and] probably thirty million of them vote. The cost is overwhelming to our schools, to our hospitals, to our police,” he said. “The tab is almost — you can’t calculate it.”...
Citizens object to “evolving” a 245-year-old republic into a radical socialist ochlocracy without checks and balances. That rebooting would mean scrapping ancient laws, long-held customs, and hallowed traditions—from the Electoral College and a nine-person Supreme Court to the Senate filibuster and 50-state union. Consensual societies usually implode when desperate factions resort to subverting hallowed rules for short-term partisan gain.
Photos of Haitian migrants on their way to invade America - Trump says many Haitian migrants 'probably have AIDS' and the US is taking on a 'death wish' by accepting them as more travel north from Colombia, Daily Mail UK, October 8, 2021.