Midterms Highlight Distinct Difference Between Ballots and Votes

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Last Refuge
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13 November 2022
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Our American Future
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As the political discussion centers on the 2022 wins and losses from the midterm election, one thing that stands out in similarity to the 2020 general election is the difference between ballots and votes. It appears in some states this is the 'new normal.'

Where votes were the focus, the Biden administration suffered losses. Where ballots were the focus, the Biden administration won.

Perhaps the two states most reflective of 'ballots' being more important than 'votes' are Michigan and Pennsylvania....

Whitmer and Fetterman were not campaigning for votes, that is old school. Instead, the machinery behind both candidates focused on the modern path.... As a direct and specific result, ballot collection has become the key to Democrat party success....

The effort to attain votes for candidates is less important than the strategy of collecting ballots. It should be emphasized; these are two distinctly different election systems....

Under the justification of COVID-19 mitigation, mail-in ballots took center stage. Ballot harvesting by Democrat operations was one term for the outcome....

Democrat party officials and political activist groups knew how to exploit the opportunities within the new system of ballot distribution and collection, and when you combine that with a massive legal pressure campaign to accept any and all forms of ballots, well, you can see how they are dependent....

If you are trying to win votes you could never fathom campaign success by refusing to debate an opponent. However, if your focus is centered around ballot collection, the debate is essentially irrelevant....

Republicans are running around trying to convince people and win votes. Meanwhile, who needs voters? Democrats have skipped all of that old fashioned stuff and modified all of their electioneering systems to quietly and efficiently collect ballots.


Jack Posobiec Discusses Problems Americans Continue To See In Elections Across The County, Bannon's War Room, 9 November 2022. Skip to 7:21:

Partial transcript:

7:21: STEVE BANNON: "...Two things I've got to cover with you . . . Number one, I've got to ask you - don't take this the wrong way, cause I know youu're a son of Pennsylvania - what in the hell is wrong with that state? . . . The reason you don't have a governor and you don't have Oz as senator . . . What is the problem with the Commonwealth, sir?"

JACK POSOBIEC: "Steve, let me explain what's going on in Pennsylvania. You saw this in Michigan as well, but really, really strongly in Pennsylvania. We've gone away from an election day. We've gone away from an election 72 hours. They've turned it into an election season. But here's the problem: Republicans were asleep at the wheel on this. Democrats sat out there and they turned this into a vote-gathering operation.

"And so people need to understand. And Conservative Treehouse, by the way, has a fantastic article about this.

[See above article.]

There is now a difference - in these states,, where all the COVID policies are still in place- there is now a diifference between votes and ballots. There is a difference between votes and ballots."

BANNON: "Yeah, they have ballot-gathering apparatus . . . different than a citizen voting, they're in the business of ballot-gathering. Correct?"

POSOBIEC: "It's all harvesting, Steve . . And whether that's targeted at universities - and you're getting the Gen Z, whether it's targeted at nursing homes - you're doing granny harvesting,, the super seniors, right? This is what they're doing. Gone are the days of driving people out to the polls for [GOTV?] in the last 72 hours, 'Hey, come out on election day, come out on election day, come out on election day.'

"No. No. If you're in a state like Pennsylvania or a in state like Michigan - we saw this in Wisconsin, as wwell, with the governors race with Evers. They are simply gathering and collecting all their votes before election day. They're putting it all in the bank.

"So even if, even if they only get 25 percent of game day, it doesn't matter, because they're hitting voters, Steve, with "on demand voting." That's what they've turned it into. It's on demand voting. And honestly, unless you're in a state, unless you're in a state like Florida, where they've been able to lock it down, or Georgia, where they were able to get that bill passed with Kemp. Unless you're in a state like Arizona, where they have this huge apparatus on the right to be able to fix things and overcome it, the only way to fight back against this is with a machine of your own.

"And so, Steve, I think this is where it's going. I think we're in a transition period on this. We have to completely rethink the way that we run elections in states like this, Steve.

The idea of us just going to hold rallies, and to drive motivation and get people excited with the mess - neh, neh, neh, neh, neh. It's all gone. There has to be a systematic, algorithmic process. We have to put the system over the goal. What do I mean by that? Not a 72-hour window, a 72-day window of an election season.

"And by the way, this is where Tiktok comes in because they were running Tiktok operations. Biden, when he brought those influencers in, guess what? They were able to translate that into votes. Well if conservatives, don't like it, well, I'm sorry. But I'm not here to pour sweet nothings into your ear, I'm here to tell you the truth. They were able to utilize Tiktok and convert that into real votes. Not registrations, not, 'oh, I called and I made a poll.' No. Real votes.

"That's why it was underestimated in these models, because they turned into a real ballot gathering strategy. They said it was for COVID. But guess what? It's here to stay.

"Let me tell you another thing. They're making this 'on demand.' Why? Because Milennials, Gen Z, they love on demand. That's Netflix. Right? Everything's in your house. Their final stage for all of this is to have block-chain approved digital voting from your phone. That's where it's going."

STEVE BANNON: " . . . How do we stop, how does Jack Posobiec and the team, do we stop it in Arizona? Is there where we stop it and take that to Michigan and Pennsylvania? . . . It's exactly what the Founders didn't want. It's kind of mob rule."

POSOBIEC: "Steve, it's a two-pronged approach, right? You've got states in the Sun Belt where we've been able to lock it down. So Arizona, we're going to fix that. Kerry Lake is going to fix that. Mark Finchem is going to fix that . . .

"We can lock it down in the South. But in the North, we're going to have to fight fire with fire. We're going to need to rethink the way we run elections in these states, if we want to flip these blue states back - ever.

“That's how you get a vegetable . . . elected in Pennsylvania, because it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. The issues don't matter. The news doesn't matter. All that matters is who gets out this most ballots . . ."

BANNON: "And the rallies look like something from a buggy. . ."

POSOBIEC: "Rallies don't matter. The rallies don't matter at all. The rallies are horse and buggy, that's the pony express . . ."

Transcript by Tom Shuford

Stephen Miller reinforces Posobiec's point:

STEPHEN MILLER @StephenM "When people used to vote on Election Day falling behind in the last week meant you'd lose. No more. Democrats' mastery of early ballot harvesting means if you surrender your lead once media coverage intensifies, or you have a disastrous debate, you've already banked your ballots." Nov 10, 2022

STEPHEN MILLER @StephenM Replying to @StephenM "This is especially true where very high concentrations of party-line Democrat voters are concentrated in a small geographic area, compared to a widely dispersed rural vote. What does a final poll showing GOP up 2 really mean if Dems already harvested the ballots they need to win?"