Mike Coffman [R-CO, 6th] does a 180 on immigration

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Alex Isenstadt
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25 February 2013
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Colorado News
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Republicans say they’ve learned their lesson from November’s drubbing: If they want to win the support of Hispanics, they’ll need to bend on immigration.1

And no GOP pol has bent more than Colorado Rep. Mike Coffman, who embodied his party’s hard line on immigration — until he was thrust into a district with thousands more Latinos.

It was only two years ago that Coffman, a conservative third-term lawmaker from the Denver suburbs, said the Dream Act would be a “nightmare” and proposed a bill that would ensure ballots were printed in English only...

So it raised more than a few eyebrows when the congressman announced this month that he supports immigration reform [amnesty for illegal aliens]. He came out in favor of granting legal status to immigrants residing in the country illegally, and allowing their children to become citizens.

Coffman... has also proposed a bill that would allow noncitizens, such as foreign students in the U.S. on visas, to serve in the military. The conservative has teamed up with Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez, a liberal and outspoken backer of immigration reform, to push the legislation.

It’s a stark reversal for the 57-year-old congressman, who in 2008 made opposition to immigration reform a central plank of his first campaign for Congress. Coffman succeeded Tom Tancredo, a former GOP presidential candidate who made a name for himself as a virulent critic of illegal immigration....

“My district dramatically changed,” the congressman told POLITICO. “In the district I had until last month, there wasn’t a significant Hispanic population, and with the population I had, immigration wasn’t a significant issue. In the district I have now, there is a significant Hispanic population. And meeting with those people really put a face on it.”...

...Coffman’s new district is centered in Aurora, which in recent years has seen an infusion of Hispanics who have migrated to the Denver suburbs in search of quality schools and housing. Under Colorado’s map, Hispanics make up a little more than 20 percent of the newlydrawn 6th Congressional District...

Just days after he was sworn into office for his current term, Coffman drew a serious 2014 Democratic opponent in former state House Speaker Andrew Romanoff...


CAIRCO Research:

It is a myth and a fallacy that Republicans must cater to Hispanics in order to capture the Hispanic vote. Hispanics do not support amnesty for illegal aliens any more than any other Americans do. 

See The GOP and Immigration - Principled suicide vs. death by pandering and GOP immigration suicide.

See the post A Dissection of Mike Coffman's Misguided Amnesty Missive for an expose of Coffman's misguided amnesty arguments, along with article references revealing that Coffman has been redistricted into Aurora, Colorado's premier Hispanic - and illegal alien - area.

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