More Than 3/4 Of Americans Support Official English; Bill Already Introduced In House And Senate... What Is GOP Leadership Doing?

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James Kirkpatricl
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March 17, 2019
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National News
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The Republican Party managed to expand its Senate majority in the last election, mostly because of the favorable map. Yet it hasn't done much with this new majority. All the legislative energy is on the Left. Even though conservatives love to "dunk on" the Green New Deal, it's ominous that the Left is swinging for the fences with an ambitious program, while conservatives seem to be already assuming defeat is inevitable. 
Yet there's already a major issue that the Republicans are leaving on the table, namely establishing English as the country's official language. A recent poll found that an astounding 77 percent of Americans support this proposal and only 15 percent disagree. 
What's more, the same survey found two-thirds of those polled think voters should have...
Steve King has already introduced an Official English bill in the House. Now, Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma has introduced a bill in the Senate. ...
Americans are already losing working-class jobs because they can't speak Spanish. They are even refused service at certain businesses.
There are plenty of memes about "Cocaine" Mitch McConnell and his supposed mastery of the Senate. Well, what is the Senate Majority Leader doing? What kind of a politician leaves an issue this popular on the table, even though it has the potential to split the Democrats and unite the Republicans?...

Treason and weakness run deep in the Republican Party when GOP leadership can't be roused into action even out of self-interest.