The Murder of a Civilization

Article author: 
Paul Craig Roberts
Article publisher: 
Lew Rockwell
Article date: 
25 May 2024
Article category: 
Our American Future
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A month ago I wrote about... Eva Vlaardingerbroek, a young female Dutch lawyer, who has undertaken the task of encouraging white Europeans to take a stand against the replacement of countries consisting of ethnic nationalities, such as Germans, English, French, Italians, Dutch, Spanish, Hungarians, with towers of babel... Diversity now means "sameness" with no country's population corresponding to the ethnicity of its name. Destroying the diversity afforded by white ethnic nations is the goal of the EU tyrants and "President" Biden who recently stated, as Tucker Carlson reported, that getting rid of white America was a good thing. See this...

As white American citizens begin to comprehend that they are regarded as America's enemy, US politicians are advocating signing up the immigrant-invaders who have violated our borders into the US military...

With the Democrats' open border policy and Democrat agitation for giving the vote to immigrant-invaders, it is difficult to say whether even the concept of the US as a nation any longer exists. How is a land without borders a country?...

How is it that a country such as the USA whose President, legislature, and judiciary refuse to protect America's borders has a government that lacks commitment to its own survival, but although totally uncommitted to the survival of its own country is committed to the survival of Ukraine and Israel?...

In effect, the Western peoples are being erased, not only their voice, but their physical presence on earth.


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