Twitter was an arm of the leftist totalitarian government

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The Last Refuge
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27 October 2023
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National News
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Several people have pointed out this conversation between Joe Rogan and Twitter owner Elon Musk. There are a couple of interesting aspects to the conversation; one of the more interesting is not generally being noticed.

The primary point, raised by many, is how Elon Musk discusses the scale and scope of U.S. government involvement in the operation of Twitter...

As affirmed during the conversation, the FBI and various government agencies, under the auspices of the Dept of Homeland Security (DHS), were in a direct relationship with Twitter offices to control information on the platform... This part of the discussion begins at 05:46...

... However, there is a statement by Joe Rogan, at 11:40... that deserves an equal amount of attention...

The Taliban, as a totalitarian ideology, is not on the right side of the political continuum. Totalitarianism, or the presence of big oppressive government, falls on the left side of the political continuum. The far-left is totalitarianism. The furthest right is the absence of government. This is an ideological mistake that happens frequently and needs to be addressed when the mistake is made...

Oppressive government is on the left side of the freedom continuum. That's why the further left the Democrat Party goes, the more oppressive the government control becomes. Democrats are leftists, and the leftists believe in socialism (big govt), communism (bigger govt), and eventually totalitarianism (total govt). Each shift is a move further to the left, further toward oppressive government...


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