Must-see Tucker Carlson video about the cause of America’s woes

Article author: 
Andrea Widburg
Article publisher: 
American Thinker
Article date: 
9 November 2021
Article category: 
National News
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People are beginning to realize that something is wrong with America’s ruling class and, by “people,” I don’t mean people like you, who are actively engaged in politics. I’m talking about people who want nothing to do with politics or people living in prosperous leftist who haven’t been forced to think about what’s happening to less affluent Americans. To the extent they’re sitting up and taking notice, Tucker Carlson’s monologue perfectly explains what’s going on at the upper reaches of American government. The bottom line is that Biden knows he’s out of control and, in his fear, he cedes his power to dangerous ideologues....

Tucker Carlson’s also been thinking about the zeitgeist, and he’s concluded that what’s driving Joe Biden isn’t dementia but is, instead, fear, raw, palpable fear. Biden is aware that he’s failing but, rather than step away from the White House, he meekly does whatever his handlers tell him to do....

Unfortunately, his handlers are unchained ideologues. A good government tries to benefit its people and ensure the greatest prosperity and happiness for the greatest number. A government filled with ideologues is so focused on its utopian visions that it is willing to destroy the people to “save” them....

That’s why, for example, that despite polls showing that over two-thirds of Americans oppose reparations for illegal aliens, Biden’s government is going forward with the plan....


Tucker Carlson, November 8, 2021:

Ideologues have no interest in the lives of actual human being. Ideologues only care about their theories, the bright future they are building. Human beings are just speed bumps on the way to utopia. So, not surprisingly, when ideologues take over society, any society, in any country, at any point throughout history, life always gets much worse for most people. Borders fall, crime rises, schools collapse, inflation gets out of control. Suddenly, there are drug addicts living in tent cites in your neighborhood screaming at your kids as you walked by. Quality of life falls off a cliff. It’s intolerable for most people—but the ideologues don’t care because they’re focused on the shiny new society they are constructing. Nothing else matters. Perfection is always just around the corner. As soon as we get rid of all these White men, everything will be great.