The Racial Hoax That's Killing America - video

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David Horowitz’s new book pounds a leftist lie into dust.
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John Perazzo
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FrontPage Mag
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7 November 2021
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Our American Future
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Order David Horowitz's new book -- I Can't Breathe: How a Racial Hoax Is Killing America: HERE.]

We live in an age of many lies, and David Horowitz’s I Can’t Breathe lays bare what is perhaps the most destructive lie of them all: the claim that America is a congenitally racist nation where, as Vice President Kamala Harris puts it, black people have “never been treated as fully human.” This lie has colossal implications, for it has caused countless millions of African Americans to view themselves as nothing more than pathetic, eternal victims of contemptible white oppressors, while simultaneously causing untold millions of well-meaning, non-racist whites to rebel angrily against being wrongly smeared as bigots. If ever a lie was destined to poison race relations and breed mutual contempt between blacks and whites, it is this one. But now, with a stirring assault of hard facts and blunt candor, I Can’t Breathe pounds and grinds this leftist lie into dust. In the process, the book exposes Black Lives Matter (BLM) as a violent, malevolent movement founded by Marxist revolutionaries whose principal objective is not to promote racial justice, but to foment a race war that will tear our nation apart by any means necessary....

It points out that not only did BLM activists play leading roles in about 95 percent of the more than 600 violent riots in 200+ cities that broke out shortly Floyd’s death, but that the organization’s foremost leaders steadfastly refused to condemn that violence. This, notes Horowitz, was “in direct contrast to the Civil Rights Movement leaders of the 1960s...

I Can’t Breathe makes it clear that although BLM has chosen to break from the non-violent traditions of past civil rights crusaders, it is no mere fringe movement. Rather, it has evolved into a massive social phenomenon whose influence is enabled by mountains of cash donated by tax-exempt foundations, major American corporations, and millionaires and billionaires from all walks of life.... Moreover, the book explains, BLM has enjoyed the devoted and unwavering support of the Democratic Party...

As BLM’s toxic message intimidated and devoured one American institution after another throughout 2020, it became clear that Democratic political leaders across the country had neither any intention of standing up in defense of law-enforcement, nor any inclination to reject BLM's “Defund the Police” initiatives which were gaining traction among the left....

Notably, I Can’t Breathe does not turn a blind eye to incidents where police officers, under tragic and sometimes chaotic circumstances, have killed black individuals who could not, in any way, be described as out-of-control menaces...

And if BLM were indeed a legitimate civil rights organization, surely it would promote the formation of black families – particularly in the present era, where roughly 70% of black babies are born to unmarried mothers in fatherless homes.... And yet, in spite of all this, BLM openly disparages “the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure,” in favor of alternative arrangements like “collective” communities and “villages.” Why? For no reason other than because Marx and Engels saw the dissolution and abolition of the traditional nuclear family as a natural and desired outgrowth of “the abolition of private property and the introduction of socialism.” This fact alone serves as proof positive that to Black Lives Matter, the overwhelming majority of black lives don’t matter at all....


Video: Critical Race Praxis, featuring James Lindsay, founder New Discourses and Michael O'Fallon, founder Sovereign Nations:


It's a one hour video. The first 35 minutes are pretty interesting.

Excerpts from the associated article:

There is a "Great Reset" being forced upon our world by elites, corporations, and corrupt politicians. At the same time there is a “Great Gaslight” that has been psychologically used to manipulate and confuse citizens of nations across the globe.

The term gaslighting derives from the 1938 play and 1944 film Gaslight, in which a husband manipulates his wife into thinking she has a mental illness by dimming their gas-fueled lamps and telling her she is hallucinating....

In each of these affinity groups, the opponents of Critical Race Theory are told that CRT is not being taught in their institutions. While this assertion is a blatant lie, there is an aspect of it that is marginally true. It isn't so much that CRT is being taught, as it is that CRT is being done in each of these institutions. When this identity-based ideology is infused and practiced in nearly every facet of an organization, it is accurate to define its current state of affairs as Critical Race Praxis....

In this episode of The Great Gaslight, Michael O’Fallon and James Lindsay peel back the layers of deception and manipulation to reveal the shell game used by those that are seeking to overturn our society.

Fighting Back Against Critical Race Theory

Book: Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity―and Why This Harms Everybody, by Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay, 2020.