National Popular Vote repeal effort to appear on 2020 Colorado ballot

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Complete Colorado
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30 August 2019
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Colorado News
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The Secretary of State today announced that proponents of a repeal referendum of the recently passed National Popular Vote (NPV) legislation turned in a sufficient number of valid signatures and that the measure will appear on Colorado’s Nov. 5, 2020 general election ballot
Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese and Monument Mayor Don Wilson launched the repeal effort shortly after the Democrat-controlled Colorado legislature passed, and Governor Polis signed a bill that would add Colorado to a compact among states pledging all the member states’ Electoral College votes to the winner of an unofficial national popular vote for president. The compact goes in to effect if enough states to sign on to the pledge so that the Electoral votes add up to the 270 needed to elect a president.
Critics contend it would take away the decision of Colorado’s voters and put it in the hands of Californians and voters in large coastal cities instead...
To put the repeal measure on the state-wide ballot required 124,632 valid signatures from registered Colorado voters, a number equal to 5 percent of the votes cast in the 2018 Secretary of State election. On August 1, Pugliese and Wilson turned in more than 227,161 signatures....
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