'National Popular Vote' would mute Colorado's voice in picking our president

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Vote no on the National Popular Vote scheme this November.
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Wil Armstrong
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Colorado Politics
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21 March 2020
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Colorado News
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Apparently, Colorado’s legislature and governor have decided they no longer care about the votes of their own citizens!
As shocking as that sounds, they have agreed to assign Colorado’s electoral votes in presidential elections to the winner of the national popular vote — regardless of how Coloradans vote. That means Colorado would forfeit its voice in presidential elections and voluntarily diminish its influence on important federal policy debates....
If you wonder what’s behind the so-called “National Popular Vote” (NPV) scheme, follow the money. The National Popular Vote is being funded by out-of-state interests, particularly a handful of California billionaires, for a simple reason: it benefits large urban centers in California and New York.
Here’s how their undemocratic scheme would work: Participating states would agree to award their Electoral College votes for president to the candidate who wins the most votes nationwide. In other words, if Coloradans vote for, say, the Democratic nominee but the Republican wins more votes in the nine largest states where a majority of voters live, Colorado’s electoral college votes would be awarded to the Republican. That’s a hijacking of Colorado’s votes for president — plain and simple.
It is shocking that Colorado’s political leaders approved legislation in 2019 to join this scheme, with virtually no discussion or debate. What is not surprising is the unprecedented groundswell of opposition it has generated across the state. Colorado voters responded by exercising what is called a “veto referendum,” a provision of the state’s constitution last used in 1932. More than 225,000 Colorado voters signed petitions in opposition to the legislation, suspending its implementation until voters can weigh in this November.
Coloradans instinctively know changing the Electoral College is a mistake. It protects smaller states like ours against domination by the largest states....

Here’s the upshot for Colorado voters: There can be no doubt that by effectively abandoning the Electoral College, the National Popular Vote would migrate political power to large, urban population centers, such as California and New York. It’s no wonder that almost all of the financial backing for the National Popular Vote campaign comes from outside Colorado. Of the more than $1.8 million raised by proponents for this fall’s campaign, 99.4% has come from outside Colorado, and 76% from California...

Vote no on the National Popular Vote scheme this November.


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