New Election Math: It’s Not 270, It’s 26-24

Article author: 
Jay Valentine
Article publisher: 
American Thinker
Article date: 
9 November 2020
Article category: 
National News
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This article is interesting in that it presents several options for State legislatures in dealing with the fraudulent election:

1) certify the fraudulent vote and appoint Electoral College delegates accordingly,

2) appoint Electoral College delegates in alignment with the wishes of the State's people,

c) fail to certify, in which case the election goes to Congress, where Trump wins. 


James Madison’s, Alexander Hamilton’s, and certainly Ben Franklin’s ghosts are laughing as their genius in founding the Electoral College is likely to be vindicate...

... too many think the Electoral College is a land grant school west of Omaha....

The Democrats way overplayed their fraud hand. Scores of bloggers are publishing lists of the Dead Vote. Statistical algorithms used to identify voter fraud in third world countries, applied to this vote, show massive fraud....

The mainstream media and Big Tech almost unanimously deliver the message that “Biden won, it is time to come together, let’s move on.” That would have worked before, but it is not going to work now....

Lawsuits take time, discovery is a slow. We cannot trust our own Justice Department, the FBI, and intelligence community who have been implicated trying to destroy the current President....

America was here before.  It was Rutherford B. Hayes against Samuel Tilden. Nobody had enough Electoral College votes, so it went to Congress to decide.  The history of what happened is interesting.

State legislators in seven or eight key states, not the court, not the governor, choose the electors....

State legislatures in six or seven or more states, run by Republicans, have a choice: certify an election that was clearly fraudulent, certify a different slate of electors who will vote against the popular, but fraudulent vote, or just fail to certify.

My bet is several may choose option 3.  If even one state or two fail to certify, the election goes to Congress....

Congress gets to vote -- each state, one vote.  Wyoming and California, each one vote.

Pretty fast, the new election math goes from 270, path to victory, to 26 -24, Trump wins.


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