News flash: Where you live is the House of War

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Robert Curry
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American Thinker
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7 June 2017
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Our American Future
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Do you know this term? It is really important that you know it and really important that you understand it, too...

According to the adherents of Islam, the world is divided into two parts: the House of Submission and the House of War, Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb. The House of Submission, Dar al-Islam, exists wherever a Muslim government rules according to sharia (Islamic law). All lands that have not submitted to sharia constitute the House of War, the Dar al-Harb.

You probably do know the word "jihad." Jihad is holy war. Jihad is all about expanding Dar al-Islam. Islam requires of its believers jihad until all of the House of War is subjugated and has thereby become part of Dar al-Islam.

That means if you live in America or Europe, you live in the House of War, and Muslims are in a perpetual state of war with you and your fellow citizens...

But if Islam is in a state of perpetual war with every part of the world outside the House of Islam, what is all this talk about Islam meaning "peace" and Islam being a religion of peace? In the first place, Islam does not mean peace; it literally means "submission."

In the second place, when everyone either has submitted to Islam or is subject to rule by sharia, everyone will live in Dar al-Islam, the House of Submission, because of course the House of War, Dar al-Harb, would no longer exist.

Muslims claim that worldwide submission to Islam constitutes peace. It is not, I believe, what you and I mean by peace.

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