Oh Canada! The Great Replacement

Article author: 
Steve Sailer
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Taki's Magazine
Article date: 
18 October 2023
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National News
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Canada is currently subjecting itself to a bizarre experiment in extreme population growth due to pedal-to-the-metal legal immigration...

In response, Canada’s annual population growth rate hit 3.0 percent in the third quarter of 2023, the kind of rise normally associated with Bangladesh in the 1980s. Over the summer, Canada’s population reached 40 million, up from 30 million in 1997...

The number of nonpermanent residents was allowed to soar by almost 700,000 in the past twelve months. There are now 46 percent more foreigners in Canada temporarily, mostly on work and study permits, than one year ago, the largest annual increase in the half century for which the Canadian government has data...

The official Statistics Canada government agency projected in 2022:

...the Canadian population would reach 47.7 million in 2041, and 25.0 million of them would be immigrants or children of immigrants born in Canada, accounting for 52.4% of the total population…. Canada’s population may reach…between 44.9 million and 74.0 million in 2068, according to the various projection scenarios.

Back in 1996, less than 6 percent of Canada’s population were minorities. But according to the government:

In 2041, about 2 in 5 Canadians will be part of a racialized group.

Finally, how is massive population growth via immigration compatible with Trudeau’s vaunted crusade to fight climate change by cutting carbon emissions?

In India, the most important source country for migrants to Canada, the average person is responsible for 2.3 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents annually. In Canada, the average resident accounts for 17.8 tons of greenhouse gases. That’s 7.7 times as much. So turning a resident of India into a resident of Canada puts a strain on the global climate...


Canada: The Great Replacement, by Jayant Bhandari, LewRockwell / American Renaissance, 24 October 2023:

Canada’s population grew by more than one million in 2022. This increase was equivalent to 2.7%. Such a rate would double Canada’s population in 26 years.

When I moved to Canada in 2003, its population was 32 million. Today, it is 40 million, an increase of 25%.

Had immigration not occurred, the Canadian population would have fallen, given its fertility rate of 1.47, which itself would have been lower had immigration not occurred. But let us not get into the nitty-gritty when there is an 800-pound gorilla in the room...

There is no history in human affairs when a society willingly gave itself away to foreigners. There is no history of a society maintaining any values once foreigners overtook it. Indeed, there is no history in human affairs where muti-culturalism and ethnic diversity have not led to massive civil conflicts, but Canadians love romanticizing these anti-values...

Civilization is a uniquely Western concept. The Third World, where most Canadian immigrants come from, has no interest in Western values. For them, concepts like honor, honesty, and fairness are alien...