The Only Way the President Can Enforce Immigration Law is by Ignoring the Courts

Article author: 
Daniel Greenfield
Article publisher: 
Front Page Mag
Article date: 
26 May 2017
Article category: 
National News
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Obama chose to ignore immigration laws, to punish those who tried to enforce them and eventually even to unilaterally implement amnesty for illegal aliens with the general complicity of the courts. President Trump is being prevented from enforcing the traditional executive authority over immigration.
These are not legal rulings. The only metric here is that if it can be shown that anyone, anywhere might be hurt by immigration enforcement, then it can be halted...
And what's at stake here is not just national security, it's executive authority. It's the question of whether we are ruled by unelected leftists in judicial positions or whether the people rule themselves...
The President needs to restore his authority. Going through the process won't do that. The court rulings are inherently unconstitutional. They violate the limits of judicial and executive authority...