Onomastic Cringe: Squaw Mountain Renamed To Virtue Signal Mountain

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Onomastic Cringe: Squaw Mountain Renamed To Something No One Will Be Able To Pronounce
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5 October 2021
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Colorado News
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An onomastic note. A peak in the Rockies named Squaw Mountain, thirty miles west of Denver, is to be renamed Mestaa'ėhehe [mess-taw-hay] Mountain. Quote from Associated Press:
The name honors an influential Cheyenne translator known as Owl Woman, who facilitated relations between white settlers and Native American tribes in the early 1800s, The Colorado Sun reported.
When AmRen reposted that, readers quickly offered alternative renamings for Squaw Mountain. Among them: Virtue Signal Mountain, Big Rock Candy Mountain, YoBitch Mountain, Peckerwood Mountain, Stupidity Heights, and, duh, Owl Woman Mountain.